Welcome to $CAMP.

Imagine being known as some of the first citizen-stewards who decided they would bring the earth’s natural spaces back into the realm of the commons.

All around the world the greatest wealth transfer in history is happening. This fiat (and crypto) wealth is being used by faceless venture funds and individuals alike to take massive amounts of natural landscapes and farms out of public access to be controlled by the hands of the few.

But the crypto commoners see a different future: a future where all over the earth, parts of the world are lighting up with nature-based, intergenerational, cross cultural, education and nature immersion campuses where everyone who participates can camp, play, and learn how to express themselves more fully.

We must maintain these precious natural spaces so everyone (especially the youth!) have the ability to access and engage with ecosystems which will be critical to our survival in the coming decades.

The Crypto Commons $CAMP DAO is a collective land-buying campaign and community, where the ROI is: the more friends and family I invite = the more who participate/learn/grow = the more land is brought into the commons for the community! Our mutual success is in the stewardship of a variety of beautiful multi-use land properties where we can learn how to build a world that works for all of us.

We ALL win, but not by making it ‘ours’.  Because in the new game we are playing, the more people who play, the more fun the game is, the more diverse and fruitful experiences we can all have together.

Lets go $CAMPing.

Join us around the $CAMPfire at https://cryptocommons.camp.

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