What'up on Curve ? #130

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New pool : ETH-wBETH (Wrapped Beacon ETH)!

Votes & Proposals

wBETH/ETH pool to the Gauge Controller


To make you wait

3….2….1……. 🚀

Curve and $CRV elsewhere

This is quite huge !! Cross-chain bribes !

$CRV added as collateral for VIP users on Binance

Conic is expending

Be careful

Amazing thread about the new TriCrypto-Token pool

General stuffs

Amazing ! will be much easier to create a pool now

crvUSD may not be the only amazing stuff coming soon

New kind of bribes

Will it work ?? Let’s see what’s next

Michael ,surrounded by TradFi folks ! Stay strong man !

Super cool dashboard

From the community

Discussion about the Curve ecosystem

Nice explanation about the Concentrator ’s vault

Another fascinating article

Love this one ! Best roadmap ever !

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