What'up on Curve ? #137

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A lot is currently happening on the forum. There is also several important votes !

Alladin looking to add it pool to the gauge controller.

New collateral for crvUSD

and this one

Other votes below

WTF (What’s the FUD)

This guy supported the proposal ….

….. but obviously, he didn’t vote 🤣 …. let’s stop this FUD

Those people had balls

Well said !

Interesting POV


New logo !! 🥳

Is it what we call adoption ??

Nice one


Look mom …. It’s working !!!

Curve , $CRV and $crvUSD elsewhere

Curve V2 leverage farming with Gearbox

Pool weights have been updated on Conic

At some point, I can’t follow anymore 🤯

Curve is the 👑

$ 1.2 B in one day !!

Juicy APY !

Haha there are hidden fees everywhere . Not to pay, but to share and receive !

From the community

Haha love this one

Nice work if you still need to learn about Curve

Be careful… Scammers are around

Nice work as usual

For Chinese subscribers

Strong hands !

So true

Do you have enough CRV ?

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