February 2nd, 2022

While acquiring and trading cryptocurrencies remains a challenge in most African countries, NFTs are still one of the best options for digital artists from Africa to earn income for their work. The relative absence of middlemen on the blockchain also signifies that, for the first time, consumers of art are exposed to the largest un-curated collection of artists from Africa.

African artists come to web3 for the ability to create their own market, they stay because it allows them to redefine what agency means to them in the art world.

Before web3, gaining financial independence as a digital artist of African descent was magical thinking.

Africa’s art market, though growing, is still a blip in the global art market. Africa, combined with South America, made up less than 4% of global art sales as of 2018. African artists often headline major art fairs and auctions but the reality is that earning sustainable income as an artist from Africa is as far as you can get from the norm.

February 1st, 2022

We are an on-chain collective of creatives of African descent harnessing the power of the blockchain in order to redefine what agency means to us in the art world. We are currently building systems to manage ourselves and grow our creative careers on the blockchain in a way that serves us and our communities.

We are storytellers, artists, designers, curators, and collectors. We represent the best and the future of the creative economy in Africa. We believe in the power of web3 in revolutionizing how Africans share and consume works of art.

We are acutely aware that creatives of African descent have consistently been undervalued in the art world. This is why we will ensure history does not repeat itself in our corner of the crypto art world. We have no doubt in our ability to move and inspire audiences with our work, and we will ensure that we get our fair share of the crypto wealth pie.

This is our first fundraiser, and we are hoping to raise 57.5 ETH in order to fund our operations through Q1 of 2023. To raise these funds, our collective has created 11 NFTs interpreting the theme “Africa is not a country”. Each artist who contributed a piece will be getting at least 50% of the sales revenue for their work, but can choose to donate more to the DAO’s treasury.