Let’s CyberConnect on Solana
January 20th, 2022

CyberConnect is the world’s first decentralized social graph protocol that aims to liberate social connections on Web3. If you’re reading this post, congratulations on being part of a revolutionary movement! You’re invited to try out the very first social graph on Solana and get a head start on building your Web3 social profile and connections.

And we’ve got some cool NFTs for you! 👇

How do I Participate?

Head over to our Solana Plaza page, connect your Solana address with the wallet of your choice to log in. We currently support Phantom, Solflare, and Slope wallets.

Check out our featured list to get started! If you are interested in getting featured as well, please fill out this form!

Solana Plaza Page
Solana Plaza Page

What’s in it for Me?

You don’t own your connections, whichever platform they are on. This is not an overstatement, it’s a fact. Think about it, your existing connections don’t follow you across any social channel, and every time you migrate to a new platform, you’ll have to reestablish your identity, profile, and connections.

We topple that model and put you back in control of your own social connections. By simply linking your wallet to CyberConnect, you can claim all of your connections throughout Web3, regardless of the platform you choose to engage with. All your connections on CyberConnect are automatically shared across the Solana ecosystem in different dApps. Travel around, bring your friends, start the true Web3 social experience. Own your digital social connections as easy and portable as owning an ERC20 token.

“Let’s CyberConnect on Solana” NFT

Yes! To celebrate our protocol launch on Solana, we're giving away the exclusive “Verified Web3 Dwellers” NFT powered by Project Galaxy rewarding those who participated.

The NFT reward will be available to be minted from 2022/01/23 17:00 - 2022/02/18 17:00 GMT PST (Pacific Standard Time). CyberConnect is covering transaction fees for all users!

Proceed to this link to mint your NFT.

Who’s Eligible for the NFT?

Friends on Solana

You must have 5 or more non-empty followers, who have initiated at least 1 transaction on Solana Network, on CyberConnect’s Solana social graph.

* Non-empty addresses refer to those who have paid transaction fees.

Solana Twitter Verification

Head over here to replace your unreadable Solana address with your Twitter handle. People will be able to visit your Twitter account on your CyberConnect profile page.

Connect your Solana Wallet and follow the instruction to claim your Twitter handle.

What’s More?

That'd be all? We have even more surprises for you! Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord community to stay up to date! Trust me, you don't want to miss out!

About CyberConnect

We here at CyberConnect are building the first social graph protocol that democratizes social connections. Aligning with the thesis of Web3, we return the ownership of social graph data back to users themselves.

CyberConnect Protocol

The CyberConnect Protocol is fully decentralized, allowing blockchain users to update and access their own social graphs. A user-friendly API will be built on top of CyberConnect Protocol and application developers can easily integrate and access the whole user generated social graphs on Web3.

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