The future of millennials? Live on the go and get paid in crypto

Your mother lied, you don’t need a home. Anchorless living, that’s what they call it, literally “living without an anchor”. One of the magic tricks remote working made possible.

Tulum, Guadalajara, Geres or Bad Gastein? They are not Somali swear words, they are your next home, which is actually not a home but much more. Your next office is not an office. The world is filling up with digital nomads who work remotely and the opportunities for them are growing too.

40% of employees think they will work like this in the future.

Where there is demand, there is also supply and there, in 2015, Selina was born (it joined Remote Year). As of now, it is one of the most interesting “hotel” companies in the world. In fact, it has 116 facilities, in over 20 countries, scattered around the world. Proudly claims to appeal to economically conscious, rigorously digital nomads, millennials and gen Z.

It’s not about being a tourist

Remote working has exploded with covid and it is only the beginning for platforms that offer environments suitable for both living and working while treasuring experiences. It is no longer a question of seeing as many things in the shortest time possible but of experiencing them fully, and interacting with them.

The cultural budget: what companies save on the size of the physical location should be invested in culture because culture is always a good investment. New ideas for employees = dynamic and innovative company.

Goodbye coffee machine

For Selina, the success of a local project is measured in friendships created, this is the metric used by them, not the number of likes on photos of paradisiacal beaches. An approach that distorts the values of many companies and traditional offices.

Take your surfboard with you to the office

Workcation (work + vacation): call it whatever you want but it’s what we millennials need. Be it Mexico, Panama, Colombia Guatemala, Selina is the structure of the future for digital nomads.

The sleeping accommodation is the least of the worries, workstations and common spaces are designed to foster connections and productivity while offering other activities that allow you to have fun and get to know people and cultures outside the workplace.


Among the revolutionary projects, there is a subscription model in which for every euro spent in the structure you earn 10 tokens. Imagine that the next hotel you’re staying at pays you in crypto every time you get something from the minibar? Since the preservation of the environment is also a priority for Selina, tokens are also received for participating in volunteering projects such as Plogging.

So prepare your backpack, since you can read

Mirror from a beach in Puerto Viejo too, we wish not a good workday but a good trip.


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