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April 18th, 2022

I've always felt attracted by contrasts. I think it's fun to combine two things that might not make sense, but they do somehow.

Heroes of the Metaverse started as the combination of two concepts that, in theory, are not related to one another: "Gandalf" and "AirPods". The name of Dagonet Malory comes from a similar combination of 2 concepts.

In the original story of King Arthur, there were heroes without contrasts, such as Arthur, Merlin, Tristam, or Lancelot. They were 100% heroes, and all of them were members of the Rounded Table.

But another knight of the Rounded Table was Dagonet. Dagonet was a knight and a Sir, but he was also a fool or a jester.

And Malory is the last name of Thomas Malory, the writer of the book "Arthur's Death". He was the first writer to show Dagonet, not as a crazy or a fool character, but instead, he was awarded as Knight because of his loyalty and comedic talents.

About me

My irl name is Luis Fernando Cantón. I was born in México City 34 years ago. When I turned 18, I left Mexico and started traveling around Europe, learning languages and exploring. I lived in Paris and Rome, came back and lived in Cancun for a while, and then, when I turned 21, I came back to Europe.

I studied Journalism at the university in Salamanca, then a Master's Degree in Cultural Anthropology, and came back to Mexico, where I started my first company at 26. I took my grandfather's old ice cream shop, rebranded it, and took it to another city.

Paraíso means Paradise and it's also the name of the town where my grandfather lived.
Paraíso means Paradise and it's also the name of the town where my grandfather lived.

But I never fully adapted to Mexico again. And safety issues are a big thing there. So a couple of years later, I decided to come back to Spain. This time to Barcelona. It was 2016. I learned a lot about marketing with the ice cream brand, and I fell in love.

I studied for a Master's degree in Marketing & Sales. And then another Master's in Branding & Strategy. I started working at Kasaz in 2017.

I also started with UX/UI design, and after a couple of years, I became Brand Manager & UX Lead, and then Marketing Director. Now Kasaz is a well-known player in the proptech industry in Spain.

In the meantime, I started a marketing agency in Mexico and Spain called Minoría, which we are rebranding to Minority right now as most of our clients are English speakers.

This is web2 me - in the beautiful Girona where there were recorded epic scenes from GoT.
This is web2 me - in the beautiful Girona where there were recorded epic scenes from GoT.

Heroes of the Metaverse

I have known LuDi and Xolen since we were kids, twenty years ago or something like that. We used to play sports and spend our summers playing Tibia. Then we grew up, and our roads went apart. But I knew they have always loved medieval fantasy tales, gaming, and the crypto/NFT industry.

So when the time was right, we decided to start a project that would make us love our job, the project, and the community of people we were going to communicate with.

For us, and for me, HOTM is much more than an NFT collectible. We will build an ecosystem of several NFTs collectibles of characters and beasts living in Azargath, we’ll explore banners and music NFTs, gaming, token, and physical world products and experiences.

No one has said it's going to be easy. But the best things in life are never easy. I hope these lines have explained a little more about who I am and why I'm doing this. But if you're with us, we can build something more significant than any of us. Thanks for reading ;)

And web3 me ;)
And web3 me ;)


Dagonet Malory




PS. A note about doxxed teams

In HOTM, our original idea was to remain undoxxed. We wouldn’t show our irl names and identities, mainly because of two reasons.

The first, and the most important one, is physical safety. All of the founders of HOTM come from Spanish-speaking countries, and in some of these countries, being successful or well known is a double-edged sword.

The other reason is more conceptual. We learned to love the NFT space with BAYC and their founders, and we believe being undoxxed is beneficial for an NFT project. Because the attention, the focus, and the power should belong to the community.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge the NFT and crypto space is an attractive industry for scammers, rug pulls, and untrustworthy people. So that's why we decided to reveal our identities. Because if the community believes this is the best way to do it, then it is.

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