Today, we’re excited to unveil, a product that aims to make web3 more transparent and accessible for everyone.

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Why build this?

Web3 is a new paradigm for many things from culture and art to finance and identity. It is especially a shift in data availability. In web2 most data is proprietary. The largest companies own the most data about their users and thus own them.

Web3 is changing this as the users own their data. The largest projects in web3 will not be the ones that own the most users but rather build the best product. Since users own their data, switching costs between similar products become very cheap. Users will connect their wallets to the best product and move with their data.

Furthermore, the data created in web3 is for the most part freely accessible to everyone. On the one hand, on-chain information, data stored on the blockchain, can be seen by everyone. A lot of analytics tools are phenomenal in making sense of data created on-chain. On the other hand, there is off-chain information such as data created in Discords, Twitter posts, subreddits, Telegram groups, Medium posts, YouTube channels, etc. This data is also for the most part openly accessible to everyone, yet unstructured.

Web3 is additionally a gate to an extensive online world, which some people call the metaverse. Fact is we spend more and more time of our lives online and web3 is the perfect facilitator for this change. Communication in web3 also happens for the most part on various social and news platforms openly accessible.

Since mostly all information is so readily accessible in theory everyone should be able to make efficient decisions. But why is this not happening?

We see two pressing problems

  1. **Web3 is suffering from information overload
    **There is actually too much data created on-chain and off-chain which leads to a very bad signal-to-noise ratio. Most of the information created is noise (bad information) and very little is signal (valuable information). This creates an information asymmetry between people who have the resources (time, money, labor) to dig through the noise and find the signal vs. the people that do not.
  2. **Interpretation of information is difficult
    **Even once the information has been surfaced it is hard to infer the “so what”. Interpreting the information and distilling actionable insights from them requires a certain background, skill set and time. It also requires seeing the whole picture instead of only some information pieces.

How it works?

We are building powerful AI models that source data from all relevant off-chain sources like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, Telegram, YouTube, Podcasts, News Articles, Medium Posts, GitHub, and much more. We combine this data with the most relevant on-chain information to give our users a one-stop-shop for all information they need to evaluate a project or topic.

The moonpass AI will also help interpret the data by giving a holistic picture of what is happening in the market in general, the respective peer group, and the project itself.

With this, we provide users with a completely new data foundation to make decisions and help them cut their research time from hours or even days to minutes.

What are the product features?

The initial product includes the following features that we will launch consecutively.

  1. Fundamentals
    Analyzing the fundamentals of the project to give a base overview
  2. Engagement
    Giving context around the fundamentals from a community and developer point of view
  3. Predictive Models
    Combining off-chain with on-chain information to surface alpha and give users an edge
  4. Superforecasting
    Surfacing the best commentary from the most credible people in their respective niches

The first features we are rolling out are the predictive models since they have the most significant impact in facilitating better and faster decisions making.

Whats next?

We are launching our alpha in the next couple of weeks! You can join the waiting list here.

We are also launching our genesis NFT drop — moonies — soon to give back to people that were with us from the beginning. Owning one will also allow you to skip the waiting list.

Sign up here if you want to get a chance to receive the drop.

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You can see the full litepaper here

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