DAOhall Discord Bot How to Setup Guideline

How to set up the Discord bot


Install bot

1. Visit http://test.daohall.com/ and connect your wallet. Click My Account button on top right corner.

2. Under Wrapped Domains, you should be able to see domains you previously wrapped. Click the Discord bot button on the domain you want to proceed with.

3. The first time you are here, click on the Invite bot button to invite bot to your server.

4. In the Discord pop up page, choose the correct server and grant the bot permissions (This requires you to have Manage Server permission in the server). When you are done, you will be redirected back to DAOhall website to continue with your linking domain process.

5. You just need to make sure that the correct wallet is connected, and the verification process will be done automatically.

Discord Configuration

1. Now that your server is connected to your domain, you will receive a message from the bot to confirm that the setup is completed.

2. You can setup different Discord roles for each kind of subdomain type. If you need to create new roles on the spot, you can do so by clicking on the “+” button. Click on the Update button to save changes. Remember that you can always adjust each role's permission in your server settings.

3. The setup is completed. All the existing members and new members joining in the future will be required to verify their subdomain. After verification, each member will be granted the corresponding roles as configured.


1. When you first join the server or right after the owner link the server to a domain, you will receive a DM from the bot with a link for you to verify your subdomain. Click on the Verify your subdomain button, it will lead you to DAOhall website. Simply connect your wallet to verify your subdomain ownership.

2. You can choose which subdomain you would like to use for the discord server. It will decide the Discord role that you will get according to the subdomain type. Or you can register another subdomain by clicking the Buy subdomain button.

3. Done! You will receive a welcome message from the Discord bot as confirmation.

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