DAOhall: Web3 Community Management

Web3 is going to have huge impact over how businesses are done, how communities are organized and managed. Nothing can stop this from happening.

With the growing popularity of Web3, DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) is becoming a new trend of how communities are organized. DAO will be the ideal way for Brands to manage VIP Customers Club, Stars/KOLs to manage Fans Club, Projects to manage Premium Users, Organizations to manage Members etc.

DAOhall builds a suite of Web3 tools for easy DAO management, with ENS subdomain as the DAO membership pass. Here's how & why:

  1. DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers) are the fundamental representation of netizens in Web3, and ENS is by far the most recognized DID;

  2. With ENS, subdomain holders have full ownership, without the concern of removal from parent domain owners. This makes subdomains tradable thus become a class of investment assets;

  3. Subdomains require annual renewal fees which are set by parent domain owner (DAO initiator). This forms a healthy economics within the DAO, similar to membership fees in real world;

  4. Subdomains have different rarities, and these rarities are commonly accepted and understood by normal users. This allows easy differentiation of members levels and different previleges to be assigned to different member groups;

  5. Domain names are identities in Web3. Owners use them in all dApps as login credentials. This not just gives membership pass (subdomains) additional utilities outside of the originated community, but also creates free marketing. As when people use the subdomain to login to other dApps, it asserts the recognition to the brand in other communities.

Total active Web3 users is still under 10M, we believe this number will surge over 1B in the coming few years. DAOhall will help in the mass adoption process.

DAOhall Tools Suite

$DAO: the governance token

$DAO tokens will be the governence token for DAOhall. $DAO is an ERC20 token with deflating tokenomics.

DAOhall is built on ENS in the Ethereum ecosystem. Revenue earned through DAOhall protocol will be splitted into 3 parts: one part remained as $ETH, second part used to purchase $ENS while the last portion used to buy-back & burn $DAO.

Utilities of $DAO

  1. Governance of the DAOhall platform. Holders of $DAO will be able to participate in key decisions for the DAOhall development, including usage of funds in the DAOhall treasury;

  2. Capture the economic value created by DAOhall protocol. As a portion of revenue is used to buy-back and burn $DAO, the higher the revenue the bigger the deflation thus allow $DAO to capture value.

    With future phase of DAOhall development unfolded, the $DAO community will uncover more utilities for $DAO.

$DAO airdrop

A percentage of $DAO will be airdropped to the community. Targeted airdrop users include DAOhall.ETH subdomain holders at the point of airdop, as well as wallets with transactions before the snapshot for airdrop is captured. The shorter the subdomain, the more $DAO airdrop can be claimed; the more accumulated transactional volume (incl both buy, sell, register), the more $DAO airdrop can be claimed.

Rewards for Early Contributors

Early contributors including testnet users, will be rewarded with FREE 100 years DAOhall.ETH subdomains of 4 characters and above, while enjoying big discount on subdomains of 3 characters and below. On top of this, these contributors will enjoy 72 hours earlier registration than the public which allows reservation of premium domains. NOTE that DAOhall.ETH subdomains will be the key to claim $DAO airdrop. Thus the subdomain not just represent the membership to DAOhall DAO, but also has intrinsic value tied to the DAOhall ecosystem.

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