ENS domains : bastogne.eth, arlon.eth and wiltz.eth

This month of May spurred me into an investment craze aimed at the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names. Besides my pseudonymous domain name, I had never acquired other NFTs with the cryptocurrency fund’s wallet address.

In my personal life, the Spring season landed with a promise of employment granted by a local IT company. Therefore, I’ve decided to purchase some pieces of real estate in order to establish my virtual foothold in this region. Obviously, not by buying some land property on Earth. But, by collecting three digital properties which are based on a decentralized blockchain.

Yeah, you could have guessed it by now. The inspiration came from my physical location. I have been living in Bastogne (Belgium) since mid-2020 after the suspension of lock-downs laws in the country.

Bastogne is a nice, quiet and small city that is located in the southeastern part of Belgium, nearby the border with another European country (Luxembourg). Arlon is our provincial capital city and a renowned cultural center of the Belgian Ardennes region. Wiltz is a canton’s main city located in the northwestern part of Luxembourg.

Arlon has historical importance that originates from the Roman and medieval times and is situated at the crossroads of three countries: Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Bastogne and Wiltz have been engraved in humanity’s history as the lands on which the Battle of the Bulge was fought and won by American soldiers towards the end of World War II. The links between these cities create a geographic region, in the shape of a triangle, which is prosperous, under-priced and particularly hilly.

These ENS domain names will be held under the custody of daqhris.eth Crypto Growth Fund. I envision holding them by following a long-term investment strategy plan. My expectation is that their value will steadily rise as long as the dApps adoption curve goes up in the Benelux region.

I am willing to reward a couple of subdomains to humanitarian endeavors integrated with the Ethereum protocol (e.g.: donate.wiltz.eth or help.bastogne.eth). Just get in touch by sending an email in which you explain the vision of such a charity mission.

For business innovators who want to use simplified cryptocurrency addresses, I will consider accepting purchase requests for your preferred subdomains after the first 5 years of on-chain inactivity. There is no rush to sell. Let’s patiently build long-lasting and future-proof digital brands (e.g: taxi.arlon.eth or hotel.bastogne.eth).

Public records of transactions on the blockchain:

  1. bastogne.eth : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3e4e0d55e8298292af4aba50c4d31ec8e7265c68da121ec79fe83eebbf9d2d4a  (May-19-2022)
  2. arlon.eth : https://etherscan.io/tx/0x0a73043ce34875edb0542176abcd8c45409a780459b370b3a90f4e11a628e1e1 (May-22-2022)
  3. wiltz.eth : https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfe1ebbbf6505a4fee4d948e669ecd083a42f881ee5290586c42748134d9d0555 (May-22-2022)
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