Gitcoin Grants Round 14

An opportunity to give back to open-source software developers arose recently.

GR14 Matching Partners
GR14 Matching Partners

From June 8th to 23rd 2022, Gitcoin Grants Round 14 was open to funders who are willing to provide financial support to open source projects. $4.9M was distributed to public goods as part of the round, of which $3.2M came from the combined matching pools and $1.7M was contributed by the Gitcoin community.

Ecosystem rounds of GR14
Ecosystem rounds of GR14

There was record-breaking community participation with over 44,000 contributors making just shy of 600,000 contributions to over 1,250 grants.

Read more about it :

On June 9th, I contributed 63 DAI to 10 projects.

These projects are: Gitcoin Grants Official Matching Pool Fund, EthHub - Ethereum Information Hub, Nimbus, Ethereum on ARM, ethstaker, Stereum - Ethereum Node, Seedle Finance - An easy tool to track & manage your Uniswap v3 positions, ETH Leaderboard, Faster API for resolving ENS names and avatars for web3 projects, ETH Gas Alerts, Essential Eth - The Tiniest JS Library.

My grant contribution history is publicly viewable on :

The donation was processed on the Ethereum blockchain by interacting with the smart contract Gitcoin: Bulk Checkout. The transaction fee was equal to 10,32 EUR (0.0058 ETH).

Verify all the transaction details on a block explorer :

Record of transaction details (FROM daqhris.eth TO Gitcoin Grants Round 14)
Record of transaction details (FROM daqhris.eth TO Gitcoin Grants Round 14)
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