25 ENS domains collected (May-July 2022)

I am glad to announce that 25 Ethereum Name Service domains have been collected in the last 60 days of the daqhris.eth Crypto Growth Fund operations on public blockchains.

By following a sentiment of belief into the future utility of ENS names, I continued to acquire these NFTs by following a geographic/physical location theme. Most of all recently-acquired domain names are identical to European cities in Belgium and Luxembourg.

To make up my mind and decide what to purchase, I searched on Wikipedia the most populous municipalities in Belgium and the major towns in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Some valuable names were already registered. But, I managed to grab fairly good ones at nice prices.

Few of them are culturally-significant, like waasland or titeuf. Others are river names, like sambre or schelde. One reflects the brand name of my digital art gallery made of photography NFT artworks: awalkaday.

Here is the full list of ENS domain names that I recently acquired: bastogne, arlon, wiltz, schaerbeek, evere, wavre, verviers, etterbeek, vilvoorde, tienen, waasland, diekirch, waremme, ettelbruck, clervaux, willebroek, meuse, eupen, schelde, escaut, sambre, titeuf, awalkaday, tongeren and hainaut.

Accounting-wise, a total amount equivalent to 0.3423 ETH (approximately 270 DAI at the time of transactions) was spent to acquire the 25 domains on the Ethereum blockchain.

0.1969 ETH was spent on gas fees and 0.1454 ETH on ENS fees.

See the detailed financial breakdown on this Dune Analytics page (built by gregskril): https://dune.com/gregskril/ens-spending?address_t41523=0xb5ee030c71e76C3E03B2A8d425dBb9B395037C82

Find the first announcement by reading this tweet (published on July 10th, 2022): https://twitter.com/awalkadayart/status/1546065370401865728

Screenshot of ENS spending by the fund's ETH wallet
Screenshot of ENS spending by the fund's ETH wallet

To check out all collected ERC-721 NFTs, feel free to browse all the transactions on a blockchain explorer: https://etherscan.io/address/0xb5ee030c71e76c3e03b2a8d425dbb9b395037c82#tokentxnsErc721.

Also, the ENS app offers a nice display of the assets with expiration dates:

Alternatively, you may view them on a single page here:

As you may be already aware, I implement a long-term holding strategy of not selling soon all digital assets under management. If you are interested in having a subdomain (e.g.: sugar.tienen.eth) based on these domain names, please reach out by email. I will be happy to assist.

A total of 25 ENS tokens have been collected.
A total of 25 ENS tokens have been collected.
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