Entry Editions

Entry Editions are a way to make writing on Mirror collectable via limited edition NFTs. All you need to do is add a cover image to your entry and mint your post.


Entry Editions are priced in tiers to allow your biggest supporters to receive something valueable and unique, while letting all your readers collect something at accessible price points. The pricing and supply works like this:

  • Legendary, 5/5, 1 ETH
  • Rare, 50/50, 0.1 ETH
  • Common, 500/500, 0.01 ETH

Minting your entry

Make your post collectible in the Entry settings inside your dashboard.

Cover image

First, select a cover image for your post. Think of your entry as a featured editorial in a fancy magazine. What is the best way to visualize it? Include a nice background image and a large title!

Then, navigate to the entry settings in the top right of the Editor.

Inside the Settings, upload your cover image. Cover images should be 2880 x 1440px to look great across devices.

If your cover image includes the title of your post, check off "Hide title in entry" to avoid redundant titles.

You can close the Settings after the upload completes.

Minting the NFTs

Now, check off "NFT" in the top right of the editor.

Hit "Save" or "Publish" to mint the entry.

You'll see a confirmation modal pop up with your cover image.

Funds recipient

Specify where you want to receive the funds from the NFT sales. This will likely be your own wallet address, but can also be any address on Ethereum capable of receiving ETH, including a Mirror Split!

If everything looks good, press "Publish And Mint Entry".

You'll be prompted to confirm the transaction in your wallet. After the transaction confirms, your entry will become collectible!

Navigate to the entry permalink to check it out and share it with your readers.

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