Splits on Mirror are a way to automatically share the value you produce with multiple entities. A split is a payable smart contract that routes value to multiple addresses on Ethereum.

Splits can be used as a way to reward your collaborators, the people that have inspired you, or to donate proceeds from your work.

Create a split by going to the Splits tab in your dashboard. A split needs to be made between at least two addresses and the percentages must add up to 100%.

Warning: Splits currently only work with ETH. Sending ERC-20 tokens to splits will cause them to be permanently locked.

Using Splits with Auctions

Splits can be easily composed with other value-producing blocks on Mirror, such as Auctions. Instead of keeping all the proceeds from an auction for yourself, you can split it with multiple entities.

First, create a split in the Splits section of your dashboard. After the split is deployed, copy the split's address. Now, create a new auction and paste the split address into the Funds Recipient field.

When the Auction is over, funds will be automatically shared between the recipients specified in the split contract.

Splits can also receive ETH outside of Mirror, like any payable smart contract or EOA.

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