April 26th, 2022

We deployed the first Data Union smart contracts back in 2019 and have seen traction in the adoption of our Data Union framework ever since. Currently, the Data Union SDK and its set of smart contracts are available on Ethereum and Gnosis Chain.

We offer builders an out-of-the-box decentralized back-end where they can get all the data they need from as many participants as they want. No need to manage data pipelines at scale. In addition, builders don’t have to worry about smart contract audits or gas optimization, we’ve already taken care of this.

But there’s more we’d like to add to our stack.

What is the Data Union DAO?

We are a Web3 incubator that provides an “x to earn” SDK supporting personal data sovereignty and monetization. Our aim is to build a B2B2C ecosystem around the Data Union SDK.

Let’s take this apart. First the SDK. The Data Union SDK was originally developed by Streamr and its IP has now been transferred to the Data Union DAO. The SDK enables the crowd-sourcing and crowd-selling of data - the creation of new Data Unions. For example:

  • Swash pays you to surf the web. It’s a browser plugin that bundles user data in return for crypto.
  • Dimo pays you to drive your car. Connect the Dimo app or get one of the hardware devices to monetize your vehicle data.
  • goMAT pays you for your location data. It’s a Columbian ride-sharing app that pays passengers for their data.
  • Unbanx pays you for banking. Ubanx enriches your banking data with consent so banks can buy it back. 
March 15th, 2022

With over $30 million raised by Data Unions, we are delighted to announce that the DAO2DAO partnership with Polygon DAO will empower builders to raise micro-grants to kickstart building Data Unions.

“We are very excited about our DAO2DAO partnership with Polygon, which is going to be beneficial for all the existing teams. We are going to get some great new projects out of that and keep growing both ecosystems.”

Matthew Rossi, Co-founder of Data Union DAO & Director of Product Management at Polygon.