40 Year

Nearly everyone I talk to is stressing over the current economy, the markets, the inflation, and the government. The list goes on and on. Emotions and tension seem to be at nearly an all-time high while the mainstream media discusses the “soft landing” (side note: I’m incredibly tired of the reused clichés constantly trumpeted by these talking heads) they hope will help the general everyday person (you and me). This morning the CPI indicated a a fresh 40-year high in May. We see this reflected in our every day expenses, like gasoline (national average approaching $5 a gallon 🤯), and many other “staples.”

I couldn’t help but pause this morning to consider this 40 year timeframe. How much has changed in the last 40 years. How has the world changed? How have I changed? And then I am compelled to consider the next 40 years. Looking 40 years ahead. Where will the economy be then? Where will the world be as a whole? Where will I be?

We are quick to discuss losing the forest for the trees when we try to bolster ourselves and strengthen the anxious heart. But often even in the midst of this self-reassurance there’s a pervasive underlying fear. And sometimes, there’s value in simply hearing the words from someone else and a different source.

Hi. I’m here to remind you to consider the big picture. Take a deep breath. Find your quiet and safe space where you are able to slow down, and really consider the future (as well as the current state). Don’t let your emotions rule your intellect. Appreciate your feelings, recognize their purpose (self-preservation and survival) and use these emotions to move forward with confidence on the roadmap you’ve defined. I’ve heard the phrase, “Bear markets are for building”, shared many times and I couldn’t agree more enthusiastically. And now I’ve made you aware.

“Awareness is the greatest agent for change*.”*– Eckhart Tolle

So breathe deep, and build on. I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve been working on in the posts ahead. I’m really proud of it and we’re moving faster than ever before. It’s a wild ride. The next 40 look incredible.


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