Weakest Link

I’m most certainly giving away both my age as well as at least a small insight into my former television watching self when I write the following sentence. Not a single time goes by that I don’t hear the expression “weakest link” and immediately, instantly, and without fail I am transported to a game show with a bitingly, sharp British host. Her pinched features mixed with her intensely superior disdain for the contestants rings loudly in my ears, “You ARE the weakest link, Goodbye.” Her utter disgust for the snivelingly stupid contestant now removed from her game hangs in the air long after the scorned participant has left the stage.

Today this scene was ringing in my head as I browsed Twitter, due to the following graphic catching my eye as I scrolled down the page.


Today, Infura was proclaimed the weakest link. Now, while the immediate result is a disruption to service for many users, the deeper and far more concerning issue is of course the realization of just how true the graphic actually might be.

Now, you may read this thought and see a problem, or you may be struck with the deep and lasting conviction there’s a solution here waiting to be unleashed. Whatever your personal response; speak up about it. Draw attention to the problem or start formulating a solution. Bottlenecks like this should not exist in a decentralized future and we will all be better served to be thoughtful about how we build a decentralized infrastructure.

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