Today’s thought comes courtesy of the latest hot news topic everyone is talking about. Or should I say, tweeting about. Yeah, I’m referring of course to the “hostile” takeover buyout of Twitter by Elon Musk, the world’s richest individual.

© 2022 Marketwatch
© 2022 Marketwatch

Now, there’s probably no less than a thousand different viewpoints, and ways in which this situation could be broken down and analyzed for context and clarity. We could think about the possible motivation behind the initial purchase offer. We could analyze the offer price (either per share or in total). Or maybe we want to discuss the impact of this purchase on the overall net worth of the individual…Or the power, or the ego, or the convictions, or …. the list goes on and on for topics of discussion.

Instead I’m highlighting a thought somewhat different and potentially of far less importance than these mentioned above. My mind is drawn to think about Neuralink. The “other” company Elon is instrumentally involved in and deeply motivated to see succeed.

This old article from 2017 offers a nice overview of the company’s purpose and tech. While the company has come quite a long way since these early years I think its helpful for context to read something older related to the overall tech and goals…before they become too refined or polished.

Now, consider the opportunity presented with a network of connected individuals, already authenticated as legit humans.

You can begin to see a global communication network of connected “real humans” evolving into a future where your is irrelevant, a future built with Neuralink.

Whatever your thinking is on the current news, be sure of one thing. Elon is an incredibly intelligent, highly calculating individual. He’s not one to alter his plans based on public sentiment, response, or opinion. And he’s often thinking far beyond the point where mainstream media stops to tweet.

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