Netflix & Chill

If you’re into the stock market or day trading like the countless others recovering from years trapped inside with no outlet for entertainment, then you’re more than likely aware about the recent news surrounding Netflix and their stock price plummeting.

If you’re like me, dealing with both the stocks and the crypto markets, then you’re probably less shocked by an over-30% drop in a single day. (In fact, you may likely shrug your shoulders and say, “Only 30? sounds like Tuesday!”) Regardless, the volatility introduced into the stock was notable and the result was fear for many. But it is in these moments of mass mania when you may find longterm value.

[Side Note: This is not advocating for a catch-the-knife mentality in trading; this strategy is both stupid and dangerous for your trading account balance.]

Rather, I’d encourage you to remember to zoom out, consider longterm projections for companies and their value, consider your own personal longterm goals, and then capitalize on those opportunities when they are made available due to the unfounded fear and overreaction of others.

And I don’t know maybe rather than panicking…just chill. 😎

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