Calling All Outlier Founders

The trillion dollar winners of tomorrow have yet to be invented. Join Decasonic in the blockchain revolution.

Paul Hsu, CEO and Founder Decasonic

October 9, 2021

Today is a moment in time. Blockchain is transforming the world, reshaping our daily lives and lifting living standards for generations. This technology presents tremendous long term opportunities and yet, we are still in the infancy of how the founders will build this new world.

Blockchain today is the Internet in 1998. We are that early. The trillion dollar winners of tomorrow have yet to be invented. This revolution has just begun.

Enter Decasonic. Decasonic is the venture and digital assets fund building blockchain innovation. We partner with outlier founders to help build ideas beyond their potential. We have started with this $20M debut fund and will deploy additional capital as we execute, with discipline. And as blockchain evolves, we will scale this investment franchise over the next decades.

Decasonic is a collective of believers, builders and investors in blockchain innovation.

After the Zynga IPO in Dec of 2011, I deployed my proceeds to invest in disruptive innovations. Since making that initial investment in crypto currencies in 2013, my conviction in blockchain’s incredible potential has not wavered and only grown. As CEO and Founder of Decasonic, I have experienced the uncertainty, risk and volatility that comes with the adoption cycles of all disruptive technologies. Blockchain is no different. My experience has led me to stay disciplined through the euphoric bull cycles and sustain resilience during the black hole depths of the bear crashes. I am a battle tested, tech leader, and *not* your hype obsessed, inexperienced tourist. I am here to build innovation for the long term.

Decasonic draws on decades of experience as tech investors and operators to help outlier founders accelerate product market fit and scale growth. Like other outlier founders, we have a winners mindset, a do-or-die hustle and a faith in our vision that propels us bigger and better. Our approach is to build together with a long-term view on our relationships with you and our entire ecosystem.

Let’s Build Killer Apps and Transform the Status Quo

Here is the Bat Signal to all of you outlier founders. Drop what you are doing. Impact the world. Come join us in this revolution.

I raised this current fund with a steadfast belief that blockchain technology is opening up new use cases for founders to build killer apps and transform the status quo.

Decasonic invests in disruptive innovations in blockchain, digital assets, DeFi, gaming, metaverses, NFTs and Web3.

We back outlier founders, add the value they want, and engineer our aligned outcomes. Many of our investments started as just ideas in a prototype and we took them to multi-billion dollar results. We know great people always have options and innovation markets evolve exponentially so we hustle everyday like it’s Day 1.

With my long term investment track record well exceeding best in class venture capital returns, I saw tremendous investor demand and closed these funds within weeks. I am truly humbled by how many of my mentors, ex-colleagues and collaborators from around the world believed in my vision, trusted my ideas, and committed without hesitation.

I curated a syndicate of other forward thinking technologists, institutional asset managers and proven outlier founders to invest alongside my significant investment stake. Our fund investors are world class leaders in their respective industries of gaming, music, digital media, professional sports management, financial services, social platforms, tech regulation, commerce, design, health sciences, cloud, security, AI and data. I’m honored to be in the company of such amazing and accomplished people.

All of our investors align with our values at Decasonic. One has donated 85% of his wealth to orphanages. Another investor has transferred his entire investment commitment to his dedicated staff who were tirelessly serving patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Others are committed to racial equality, their Church, or to the environment. All are high integrity, down to earth and positive sum people with whom you would love to grab a dinner, drink and deep conversation. In short, we work with smart people we admire.

This fund stems from my lifelong dedication to “innovation for better.” Innovation has and will continue to improve lives for the better, just as it did for our immigrant parents who pursued the American Dream and brought them to foreign lands. They made life changing sacrifices that would impact their future generations. And for that, I am grateful and can only pay that forward.

Since our undergraduate days at Yale, I’ve been pitching my friend Allister to start a tech company together. Finally, in 2021, I convinced Allister Lam to leave his two decade engineering leadership role at DoubleClick/ Google to join me as our CTO and Venture Partner. Together, we tap into our collective strengths and technical expertise in code and data to help outlier founders accelerate and engineer those 100x+ outcomes. In a world flooded with capital, smart and value-add capital partners win.

As a founding team investment professional at NeoCarta, a $300-million technology venture fund, and as an early employee at Zynga, a leading social gaming developer, I have led world class investment, product and operations teams across Silicon Valley, Tokyo, and New York City. We have used data and OKRs to execute on inflection points in these new markets, grow products from the ground up to exponential success and define new technology markets to come. In a world flooded with ideas, execution around product excellence wins.

Through the innovations of Web 1, Web 2.0, and now Web3, I have delivered many 100x+ outlier outcomes, through the numerous secondary sales, turnarounds, M&A exits, IPOs, and token offerings. Importantly, I think about my low investment loss rate, similar to how other founders take their one shot and never give up. Now that I have moved my young family to Chicago, the crypto capital of the world, I am singularly dedicated to delivering many more outliers.

The Next Billion Users, The Next Trillion Dollar Killer Apps

At Decasonic, we believe the killer apps that bring the next billion users to blockchain will deliver the transformative trillion dollar opportunities. User adoption in blockchain continues to show explosive while healthy growth. In June of 2021, the number of total global cryptocurrency users reached 221 million up from 143 million users in April, according to industry research. The growth has been largely driven by users passionate about upstart blockchain innovations, especially around DeFi, NFTs, and blockchain gaming.

However, killer apps in blockchain today are still elusive. We are years away before the market decides on strong hold winners. Greenfield, blue ocean markets are in high abundance. Exponential growth is out there. The old Web 2.0 world is being radically transformed. And at the same time, the global Web3 innovation factory is turbo charging forward at hypergrowth speed and energizing founders around the world.

These Web3 founders know their local markets and are delivering blockchain products to these markets before scaling worldwide. They are solving pain points that many of us living in G7 economies take for granted: stable currencies, access to talent, seamless banking services, steady paychecks, fair governance, property rights, streamlined digital transactions, financial freedoms, freedoms of expression, and wealth-building accounts, among the many. Use cases are finally unlocking much of the initial technical excitement. And what will emerge from this innovation factory will be the next billion users and the next trillion dollar killer apps.

The potential for blockchain is big. The energy is real. The talent is flowing in. The timing is right. Let’s unleash your passion, build killer apps, and transform the lives of billions of people.

If you share this vision and passion, please connect with us on email, twitter, telegram, medium, and linkedin.

Thank you for reading. Reach out. Let’s do this.

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