The Builder's Journey
August 12th, 2022

Why The Builder’s Journey?

Decent has been building decentralized applications for five years now. We’ve successfully operated and scaled a full-service venture studio that has thrived amidst all the exciting ups and brutal downs of the market. This year, we are embracing the frontier headwinds of transitioning from an LLC to a DAO—becoming an on-chain venture studio and a globally-recognized, contributor-friendly organization.

Simply put, we’re software builders who’ve lived a decent journey. And we know there are builders out there who have experienced and coded a similar path. We want to connect these builders and share their relatable stories with the rest of the crypto community.

Today’s crypto podcasts typically dive through market updates, review recent market developments, or interview protocol founders about their applications. But where are the real-life stories and experiences of the builders that make it all happen? Where are the thoughtful discussions about what it takes to build a DeFi protocol? Where can we learn about these treks through the “Wild West” of crypto?

Decent is excited to deliver a podcast that illuminates the inspiring journeys to build the coolest applications in the world. The Builder’s Journey podcast interviews builders from the most innovative protocols and communities in Web3. It reveals the intimate truth of what it takes and what it’s like to create in the most fast-paced and volatile industry ever known.

Welcome to The Builder’s Journey, presented by Decent—bringing builders together and turning our collective decentralized vision into reality.

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