Introducing the Decent Builder Personas

The world of Web3 has no shortage of colorful characters. These characters seek to push the needle of decentralization, expand their personal and professional skill sets, and most importantly, find a place to call home on the frontier of human coordination. This endeavor is what binds us and unites us, creating familiarity and camaraderie in an otherwise uncharted space.

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our own cast of characters looking to spread our vision of a transparent, equitable future into the great expanse of Web3. We hope our Builder Personas become a beacon for others to settle in, sharpen their tools, and set the standard for building open-source protocols.

Our six Builder Personas embody our values and signify who we aspire to be as individuals within our community. They guide our daily behaviors and hold us accountable to one another. Tapping into one’s inner persona is a crucial first step in any builder’s journey—a step that enables anyone to know their strengths and navigate their personal path of growth.

Each persona, from the technically brilliant Makers to the empathetic Healers, represents a shared set of values, skills, and aspirations everyone at Decent upholds. We believe all six Builder Personas—Makers, Explorers, Educators, Leaders, Connectors, and Healers—reside in each of us. But one persona resonates within us more than the others, and that’s the one we naturally embody every day.

At Decent, we celebrate our inner personas and the diverse community of builders we work alongside. We praise others for exemplifying any of the six, honoring milestones of achievement. We recognize that no two humans think or act in the same way, but our shared values bond us together and guide our decisions. The Builder Personas enable us to show up as a Leader or a Connector, but most importantly, show up as ourselves, creating space to play to our strengths and transcend our weaknesses.

The world of Web3 moves fast, so we need to feel confident that we can keep pace while steering our ship toward its north star. By measuring our actions against our inner personas, we can think faster and go further, together, while minimizing our risk of veering off course.

Who are the Builder Personas?

Now, let’s get to know each persona, find out what makes them tick, and identify their standout traits.


Makers are compelled to create because meaningful work is inspiring, and ambition grows with experience. They do the dirty work because hands-on experience propels us forward in our never-ending pursuit of true mastery. Makers strive for global impact, they understand that what we do today can spark a shockwave of generational economic change tomorrow.


Explorers use curiosity as a compass, asking questions to guide our next step forward. They turn challenges into opportunities, overcoming obstacles that expand our capacity for creativity and problem-solving. Explorers pursue the unknown because the promise of discovery drives us to venture beyond our limits.


Educators share knowledge responsibly and are committed to helping others upgrade their capabilities whenever and wherever possible. They translate experience into insight to guide others around pitfalls and barriers on the path forward. Educators empower with wisdom, leveraging our life lessons to grant future generations a head start.


Leaders are forged in action, courageously taking risks and humbly learning from failure in pursuit of success. They are grounded in their personal integrity, accepting full ownership of their commitments and cultivating mutual accountability. Leaders elevate the standard of excellence, soaring when most are content to settle and uplift everyone around them.


Connectors nurture the power of unity because we are stronger and work better together. They create space for authenticity, where honest words and unique perspectives can be shared without judgment. Connectors equalize access for all, promoting fairness, mutual respect, and a diversity of thought that elevates the global community.


Healers work to subdue the ego to maintain clarity and maximize empathy. They foster inclusivity and respect, empowering people from all walks of life to be and perform at their best. Healers listen with humility and compassion, fostering meaningful human connections infused with trust.

What’s Your Builder Persona?

In order to accelerate the decentralized future and bring more builders along for the journey, our team built an advanced analysis system to help every individual discover which persona resonates within them.

We are proud to unveil the Builder Persona Generator, a survey of self-discovery. Our generator is the first milestone on the road toward shaping your identity in Web3 and creating a path of growth unique to you. In the future, you will be able to measure how strongly all six personas resonate within you, gain insight on how to level up your skills, and create a completely custom builder profile.

Every journey starts with a first step. Activate the Builder Persona Generator and take the survey today:


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