Dework: The Future of Decentralized Work
August 25th, 2022

DAOs have enabled an entirely new form of remote, decentralized work. However, this leapfrog in organizational structure also brings with it some challenges. In a decentralized economy, how can people find work and maximize their labor potential? And how can they prove that they are equipped to complete the work?

For people just entering the Web3 scene, DAOs can seem like messy, disorganized throngs of people working together, and figuring out how to contribute can be daunting. Needed tasks might be scattered in the DAO’s Discord (if one exists) or floating somewhere in its governance forums. Plus, once a contributor finds a task, how can they prove their suitability for the job? Anonymity and privacy are core tenets of Web3; for many contributors, sharing a LinkedIn profile is not an option. Dework aims to solve these problems by functioning as both a decentralized job board and Web3 resume.

How Does It Work?

Upon arrival, Dework will prompt you to create a profile by connecting your Discord, crypto wallet, or Github. The benefit of having all three options is that a single Dework profile can join a DAO’s Discord, facilitate instant payment, and show prior Github work all while remaining anonymous.

Once connected, the home page displays tabs for Top DAOs, Open Grants, and Open Bounties. The Top DAOs feature is a simple way to discover new DAOs that have already been vetted and match your interests. The Open Grants tab is invaluable if you are operating a DAO or launching a project in need of funding. But the most important tab, of course, is Open Bounties. For each open bounty, you’ll find a card that provides a description of the requested work (tasks) as well as the stated payment, which can be in any (including the DAOs unique) token.

Bounties come in all shapes and sizes. Some bounties are as small as writing a short paragraph for the DAO, while other tasks might entail an entire website redesign. Each posting is tagged with the relevant skills, whether technical or non-technical. They can also contain subtasks, for example, if multiple tasks are required or if the DAO wants to review a rough draft of the work before proceeding.

Bounties allow extensive customization, from open submissions or required applications to token-gated bounties for pre-approved users. This flexibility allows DAOs to tap into a wide diversity of talent depending on the task at hand.

Benefits for Workers

With a projected 25% of professional jobs expected to be remote by the end of 2022 and a growing number of employees entering the Web3 workforce, there will be massive demand for flexible part-time work in DAOs (Robinson, 2022). The ability to freely take on tasks that fit your schedule and supplement your income becomes ever more vital as our economy increasingly shifts into a gig economy.

Aside from securing a token reward, a completed bounty also functions as proof of work, which improves your Dework profile by building your work history. Individuals can gain levels from past work, such as Developer levels 1-3, and unlock access to more advanced bounties. By vouching for users' proof of work, Dework alleviates friction during the application process and decreases the likelihood of hiring a scammer (an inherent risk in decentralized communications).

Most importantly, bounties democratize access to work. Selecting the most qualified contributors to do the work is paramount for DAOs. In stark contrast to traditional employers, educational history, nepotism, and connections lose their influence. Decentralization inhibits discrimination, creating a level playing field for marginalized workers to pursue and achieve success. This permissionless ecosystem of competitive bounties embraces true meritocracy.

Benefits for DAOs

Contributors are not the only ones benefiting from paid bounty work. DAOs also reap massive benefits from Dework. Instead of hiring a single salaried individual, DAOs can split project responsibilities among a few people, which increases decentralization and allows the DAO to operate more nimbly. Additionally, contributors’ proof-of-work history allows DAOs to save time and resources that would otherwise be spent combing through applicants' resumes.

Dework not only offers a solution for finding talent but also helps DAOs monitor tasks in a clear, visual way. This brings more simplicity to project management than Discord communication affords. Plus, DAOs avoid paying for enterprise-level software and skip the hassle of onboarding contributors for a single task. Along with an overview of all tasks, DAOs can create spaces that house specific tasks and bounties, enabling the creation of smaller work teams in a seamless fashion.

Butterfly Effects

Will Dework change the way everyone works? A certain percentage of the workforce will always remain tethered to typical salaried jobs that offer health benefits and the perception of stability. The Web3 lifestyle is not yet mainstream. While we wait, Dework is building the infrastructure needed to propel the decentralized economy and workforce forward. The beautiful simplicity of Dework removes barriers to entry into the Web3 gig economy, attracting more talented workers and creating more bounty opportunities.

Here at Decent DAO, we are happy to announce the launch of our Dework Bounty Program, advancing our mission of global decentralization. With this launch, we invite atomic contributors around the world to breathe fresh life into our vision.


Bryan Robinson. 2022. Remote Work is Here to Stay and Will Increase into 2023.

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