The Dawn of Decent Builder Houses

In 2017, two friends launched a crypto meetup in Cleveland to educate and steer the local community toward open-sourced, decentralized technology and its potential to change lives. Connections were made among kindred spirits. Stimulating ideas were exchanged. Pizza was sliced. This was the birthplace of Decent.

Chance encounters along the global crypto event circuit seeded Decent’s early development. Many of the builder and investor relationships within our robust network began with a friendly conversation and the realization of a shared passion.

As our business grew, we adopted a remote work model best suited to our unique team. We’re proud of our strides in cultivating engagement through our digital headquarters, Decent Island. Conducting meetings and social gatherings in this tailor-made virtual environment has enriched our company culture.

Today, as Decent DAO, we strive to be the most contributor-friendly organization in the world. And part of that entails strengthening bonds within our growing team so that we remain close-knit and aligned with our vision to accelerate the decentralized future. That’s why interacting face-to-face is increasingly vital.

The recent activation of our Builder House initiative is an exciting new opportunity to continue expanding our contributor base and fortifying community connection. The vision for a Decent hacker house took shape with the following “must-haves,” as relayed by Decent contributors:

  • A space to collaborate with like-minded builders without the pressure to impress anyone or “sell” yourself.

  • A space to escape from the frenzy of crypto culture and enjoy a relaxing, restorative environment.

  • A space to engage in passionate brainstorming and develop fresh ideas.

  • A space for uninterrupted deep work.

Along with modern accommodations, fine food and drink, and a laid-back atmosphere, our Builder Houses are sure to deliver a balancing vibe amidst any conference chaos. Decent has forged powerfully rewarding partnerships at casual in-person events time and time again—we’re excited to provide spaces where more of these fortuitous encounters will occur.

Decent Builder Houses welcome all crypto contributors. As we build open-source, decentralized technology that will change the world, we’re also providing open, decentralized spaces that bring the community closer together to build incredible things. Because Decent is more than a premier venture studio—we’re a catalyst for connection, equity, prosperity, and the transformation of global economies.

See you at the next Builder House!

Co-authored by decent_nat

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