update #19: social on the horizon
December 19th, 2022

Hello community! It's been a busy December for us, and we're excited to share all the major developments that took place within the last few weeks. Strap in, this update will be packed with info. 🧙

Announcing: beta contract is a social network protocol built from ground-up natively on Near and Arweave. Its end goal is to become a standard in open, decentralized social networking that can be built upon and extended without restrictions.

Given the current status quo of social networks, it's become a given that you may get deplatformed at any time if you push the line a little too far. When who can post is determined at the whim of who owns the network, neutral protocols are the only answer.

The infrastructure can already be used to spin up your own decentralized social network.

Coming soon in V1:

  • DAO-gated communities, with posting permissions inherited from DAO roles

  • Social graph contract for following users and DAOs

  • Activity feed for DAO votes and bounties’s long-term vision is to offer an alternative, where exit is built-in, incredibly cheap, and painless. Token holders will have the ability to create, curate, and lead their groups as they see fit, essentially: build and manage DAOs in an extensible, social context.

To all communities and builders out there, we’re eager to know what you think! Tweet at @decentdotland on Twitter, or say hi in our! wins first place in the Evmos Hackathon!

Last month we released an Evmos integration for Ark Protocol, and subsequently Evmos NFTs integration for the UI.

Our team is happy to have been nominated the first place, and is grateful to Evmos for hosting this hackathon 🙏

Watch the presentation in full here:

GPT-3 integrated into

Since the release of last month, we’ve built a dozen of building blocks for Arweave developers to build upon and experiment with.

The GPT-3 integration has proven to us that EXM can offer an incredibly versatile stack to build upon, and will eventually help onboard a community of developers onto Arweave as part of our partnership with the EXM foundation.

Sign Arweave smart contract interactions with wallets on Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot and more’s EXM-based developer tooling project,, has shipped support for signing EXM function interactions with a whole host of chain identities.

  • Ethereum and EVM chains (Polygon, BNB, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, etc.)

  • Solana

  • Stacks (using BTC public key!)

  • Ziliqua

  • Tron

  • Polkadot and other Substrate-based chains (Kusama, Celer, Moonriver, Reef, etc.)

Take this as a hint as to what’s coming soon on Ark! 👀 adds support to Evmos / NEAR NFTs, and gets slick user embeds for user profiles

We’ve added a few new ways for users to show off their profiles! will pull your NFT holdings via Tradeport if you linked your identity on Near or EVM. A great feature for those who like to collect quality NFTs :)

NEAR NFT view on
NEAR NFT view on

Additionally, those who like to show off their profiles on socials networks, simply linking will fetch your user metadata and will be shown in a slick summary. Twitter / Discord / Telegram embeds supported!

Pretty social previews for profiles
Pretty social previews for profiles


Preview: the Ark dashboard

There are a ton of chains you can link with on Ark now, and with addition of both NEAR and multiple addresses per network, it’s high time we added a user-friendly way to view and manage associations. Above is a rough wireframe for a user dashboard on -- coming soon.

Lore chapter #4: Festival

Art director Lee Tyrrell published a new entry into the history of A Decent Land on December 7. In Festival, the settlers meet intelligent life on the border of the jungles of Yowunas Maias and try to form an alliance, all while being stalked by a shadowy creature.

“Our new allies noticed our obsession with the landmark, known to them as “Festival” — a word of some complexity. A fresh enthralment washed across the chimps, who had finished up their meals, and the elders ceased their humming. They could take us there; through the wild bark and boggy patches, to the ancient pylon.”

ArNS ownership added to the Ark oracle and weave-aggregator

The Ark oracle and weave-aggregator API now return a user’s owned ArNS names. In the future, this will power a list of owned dApps and files on!

New lightweight endpoints for Ark: domains and NFTs

The monolithic profile endpoint for Ark is, well, monolithic (🗿). For our usability and yours, we’re in the process of breaking it down into smaller responses for specific purposes.

This means you can grab only a list of a user’s owned NFTs (all or NEAR-only, for now), or request only domains like .ar and .eth.

Be an early passenger on the ark in our Discord, and stay tuned on Twitter for more updates as they happen. 🛸

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