Lens handles and activity for Arweave addresses
September 29th, 2022

The decent.land oracle and API now returns Lens handles and activity for Arweave users.

This means that dApps which use Arweave identity can now verify and import everything from Lens - a user’s .lens and full post history.

This is powered by Ark verifiable identity attestations: an Arweave user can link their Polygon address here, and cross-associate assets/identity between Arweave and many other supported L1s.

A preview of what Lens support could look like in ar.page!

🛠️* Want to to claim the bounty to build Lens Protocol support into ar.page? Join the hackathon with $11,000 in prizes. Share app ideas in the #app-ideas channel in the decent.land Discord.*

Call the Ark API with the Arweave address of an Ark-linked user, and use the LENS_HANDLES and LENS_PROTOCOLS_ACTV arrays in your dApp:

Example call:

See you in the Discord!

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