A social explorer for Arweave and beyond: announcing ar.page V2
September 16th, 2022

After a full redesign and Ark integration, ar.page V2 is finally live!

ar.page is a cross-chain social identity aggregator -- all blockchain info and activity for Arweave Name Service (ANS) users, stored in one place.

Check out a few example pages from ANS holders:

What’s new in ar.page V2?

  • .eth and .avax names held by ANS holders show on the profile page

  • Verified statuses, powered by Ark and VouchDAO

  • POAP (poap.xyz) support

  • GitPOAP (gitpoap.io) support

  • Galxe OAT (galxe.com) support

  • Permaweb activity feed - the first iteration of what will become a human-readable log of interactions with Arweave dApps, powered by the decent.land weave-aggregator

  • Extensible UI design to easily add new data views and feeds (example: NFT and DAO token holdings across multiple layer one chains)

How to use ar.page

ar.page profiles are automatically generated for holders of Arweave Name Service (ANS) names, like your_username.ar, and populated with data from Ark Protocol.

If you’re one of the 555 current holders of an ANS domain, connect your wallet at ar.page to find your profile and get started.

Right now, ANS is in private beta. There is a second airdrop planned for decent.land users, so connect with Ark, join the Discord, and stay tuned.

Build with Ark and ANS: the decent.land mini-hackathon starts September 19th, with $11,000 in prizes

To celebrate ar.page and encourage the ecosystem to get involved with building on Ark and decent.land, we’re holding a hackathon next week!

The aim of the hackathon is to use ANS and Ark to display interesting insights about Arweave users on ar.page - build a new UI component, integrate a new data source, or enrich data we already have.

How can we slice and transform a user's on-chain data and display it in a way that they'll want to show off?

The specifics are open-ended, but here are some ideas we think would be awesome for the Arweave ecosystem and beyond:

  • Add badges to show DAO and PSC membership

  • Aggregated tweets or other linked social web3 data sources like Mirror.xyz

  • Integrate Arweave’s Stamp protocol - show a user’s stamps, and allow users to stamp other profiles

  • Add more ways to get verified status with VouchDAO or with ArNS name linking

  • Expand existing components (e.g. build search and filters into the activity feed or collections view)

  • Build components for subsections of a user’s collection, e.g: all of their metaverse land, all of their ANS names…

  • Show a user's permacast podcasts or Pianity tracks with the weave-aggregator

Enter the hackathon here!

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