Announcing the Ark Protocol Hackathon, with $12,000 in Prizes
November 14th, 2022

We’re excited to announce another opportunity to get paid to learn the stack and build something amazing with the tooling we’ve built.

This hackathon focuses on Ark Protocol, and your imagination is the only limit for how far you can take it.

We welcome integrations with existing dApps as well as tooling built from scratch leveraging the multi-chain power of Ark.

Read below to find out more and learn how to get involved and win part of the $12,000 prize pool.

The Ark Protocol Hackathon

Ark is a multi-chain identity linking protocol.

It allows users to associate their Arweave address with addresses on another chain, making it possible, for example, for an Arweave dApp to have proof that an Arweave user holds a cryptopunk on Ethereum, voted on a DAO proposal on NEAR, or holds a given ENS name.

This is a 4-week hackathon focused on developing multichain dApps on Arweave using Ark Protocol.

We are looking for submissions which integrate Ark as a core identity layer to a new or existing dApp.

$12,000 in the prize pool (+ other bonuses)

What Ark enables

Ark enables users to prove identity and asset ownership cross-chain. For example, a dApp that uses Ark as part of its authentication flow could be built on Arweave but make use of attestations of NFTs and DIDs on Ethereum, NEAR, and other supported chains.

It could be used to power token-gated groups, DAO voting, identity vouching, anti-sybil mechanisms, multichain social networks, and more.

What's been built on Ark

A social explorer for holders of ANS (Arweave Name Service) domains -- here's an example. Linked with Ark, it shows cross-chain NFTs and activity from EVM chains for Arweave users.

POAP -> Arweave airdrop bridge

An app built to bridge POAP ownership to Arweave users. For example: a user scans a QR code for a POAP at an event; the POAP is an access ticket to an airdrop on Arweave; the user connects their xDAI (EVM, 0x) wallet to Ark protocol and can claim their airdrop.


An on-chain, multichain gasless notification protocol. The protocol consists of channels (smart contracts) deployed on Arweave via EXM. The SDK wraps Ark to make it possible for channel deployers to send notifications to any supported network.

Reach out in the Discord with questions on how these work -- happy to help.

Ark quickstart documentation

Check the README for an overview. We also published JavaScript examples for dApp integration that should provide a quick way to add Ark as an authentication method and read data from the protocol. A broader description of Ark and its connected chains and protocols can be found here.

Key dates

  • Start date: 21st November 2022

  • Submission deadline: 6th January 2023


  • Submissions must be your own original work

  • Submissions must be integrate Ark Protocol

  • The app built must be shown with a link to the live functioning, and running instance of the app itself, as well as a link to the repository it is stored within.

  • Submissions must be open source, with the full source code available on GitHub or another open code hosting site. Feel free to use whatever OSS licence you prefer.

  • All submissions must include a brief description of the application and functionality in the GitHub repo.


Prizes will be awarded to the individual/team that produces the best app on Ark Protocol while respecting the challenge description, goals, and criteria.

  • First prize: $6k in USDC or AR + an Ark NFT of 0.3 ETH value

  • Runner-up pool: $5k in USDC or AR, split between accepted entrants, with $1k minimum for accepted entries which meet the criteria

  • Participation POAPs for entries

How to apply

  1. Join the Discord:

  2. Say hi in the #hackathon channel

  3. Pitch your idea, and let’s discuss!

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