Avalanche Name Service (.avax domains) added to Ark - decent.land and Avvy integration
August 25th, 2022

A recent update to the Ark API enabled decent.land to detect and return Avalanche Name Service .avax identities from Avvy Domains:

2 addresses and 3 DIDs for one user 😎
2 addresses and 3 DIDs for one user 😎

Avvy is the most popular identity system on Avalanche with almost 10,000 domains minted across over 3,000 users. Beyond username-like functionality, Avvy domains can be resolved to a website in the browser using the Lume extension, or work as a social profile with avax.sh.

In decent.land’s mission to build chain-agnostic infrastructure for web3 social, providing alternative identity options from chains like Avalanche means users can choose to appear as their favorite verified DID, regardless of the chain the social experience is deployed on.

Use the Ark API

To get data about Ark-verified users in your dApp, use the endpoint below where network is either arweave or evm, depending on the address being used to query.


Apps that need multichain wallet verification or proof-of-ownership can also integrate the Ark library to get the functionality shown on ark.decent.land natively.

Read more on integrating Ark in the decent.land docs.

Join the Discord or send us a DM on Twitter if you need help or have questions. 🏞️

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