update #18: NEAR is here

All of the hard work towards NEAR functionality on has come to fruition this week with the launch of NEAR on Ark and an official funding announcement from NEAR Protocol.

On top of that, we’re celebrating our Evmos integration on both Ark and, the launch of, and hiring our new full-stack developer, Sebastian.

Read on for more details 📜

Ark <> NEAR full compatibility launched 🎉

Ark Protocol now supports connections between Arweave, NEAR and EVM (0x) addresses. That means your Ark ID (generated on first link, and associated with all future links) can now contain references to your identities on 3 types of chain which were previously non-interoperable.

This lays the groundwork for’s planned social and DAO tooling on Arweave and NEAR, as per the roadmap. a library for EXM provides composable building blocks for EXM contracts in an easy-to-use library with examples.

Like OpenZeppelin for Solidity, standardizes common operations like parsing state, deriving a caller’s address, and generating a random number for EXM developers.

Release 0.0.2 introduces the lucky draw and address-to-owner feature alongside base functions which allow Arweave contract interactions to be signed by Ethereum wallets, and more.

(We used to build the lucky draw contract which will select the winner of an Ark NFT!) was built for internal use by to make contract development workflows easier, and open sourced this month.

Ark hackathon entries and inspiration

The Ark Hackathon is in progress, with $12,000 up for grabs and entries already coming in.

We shared a thread of dApps built on Ark for inspiration of what to build:

Join the Discord and let us know your idea in the #hackathon channel to get started.

Evmos NFTs on ark and with the Covalent API

Show off your Evmos NFTs on with the new Covalent integration! ANS holders who link their Evmos address via Ark will now find their Evmos NFT holdings in a separate tab alongside their Arweave atomic assets. Here’s an example profile.

NEAR NFTs now returned by Ark via TradePort

Ark users can now prove ownership of .near addresses and NEAR NFTs using their Arweave identities as the primary key. This is powered by the TradePort API, Byzantion, which also supports NFTs on Stacks!

Learn more about Byzantion here, and see an example Ark response with NEAR NFTs here.

Ark has a new address resolution endpoint

It’s now possible for developers using Ark to directly look up an Arweave user with their EVM address as the search query, with the new lightweight resolve endpoint.

Try it out:

NEAR Protocol’s funding announcement was mentioned by the official NEAR Protocol Twitter account this week as one of their recently funded projects. We received a grant to build identity linking between NEAR and Arweave, which was shipped in the latest Ark Protocol release to be integrated with social DAO tooling.

New hire: Sebastian, full-stack developer

We’re happy to welcome Sebastian to the team - a full-stack developer with previous work history at PepsiCo and the US Army. Sebastian will be bringing the app’s onboarding and social UIs to life and helping expand functionality.

Take part in Ark Protocol hackathon and get involved in the community in our Discord. Make sure you’re following us on Twitter -- big ANS news coming soon!

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