The Open Name Service Framework and the Future of ANS

The Open Name Service Framework is an interlinked universe of naming protocols.

Now, you can quickly create a new naming registry, mint site and marketplace for your dApp or protocol. You can make ONSF names mintable with any token on any chain supported by everPay.

Sovereign identity for communities, transacted with your community’s token.

Each namespace can be resolved with the ONSF resolver, and the tech stack has already been proven out with the launch of ANS domains (the first ONSF namespace!).

Check the README for more details, and shoot us a DM on Twitter or join the newly-created beta testers group on Telegram if you’re interested in being an early user.

Raven Protocol joins ONSF beta to build .raven identity layer

ONSF is working with Raven Protocol to build a .raven username layer for their decentralized compute network.

Raven users on BNB chain will be able to use $RAVEN tokens on BNB to mint .raven names, thanks to, EXM and everPay.

In the framework’s early days, we’ll be working directly with users to get their namespace up and running as we work towards making it more self-service and easier to onboard to.


The teams at Handshake and ANS have been working together to make ANS resolve via HNS, the leading decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible with Domain Name System (DNS).

We're excited to announce that the resolver backend has been released, and can be used in conjunction with the ans-hns EXM contract layer used to set HNS records for ANS domains.

If you own your ANS name, you also own its counterpart on Handshake, creating a more robust, censorship-resistant, and decentralized internet for all.

While developers can already try it out by running the linked above themselves, UI users will soon be able to resolve the A Name records set in the ANS dashboard with a .arweaver address (or any DNS record) powered by Handshake. This means the Fingertip Chrome extension, gateway, HDNS, and Handshake light clients all will support ANS website resolution.

Coming soon, (only pending UI integration on all ANS holders will be able to mint emoji shortlinks for Arweave transaction IDs or any other DNS record. Using the and resolvers, holders can mint any unique string of emoji and have shortlinks like 🏝️🌊 for any tx or site.

ArMoji is a smart contract designed for composability with the ANS protocol. It's built for the ANS protocol to enable ANS domains to generate emoji shortlinks. ArMoji provides a seamless and efficient experience for creating and sharing links on the Permaweb and beyond.

Read the code and technical details here.

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