update #21: ANS expansion

ANS is expanding, with new wallet integrations, ways to resolve domains to decentralized URLs, a social metadata layer and new API endpoints.

On top of that, we’re building a framework from the technology behind ANS that’ll allow anyone to spin up their own multichain name service with whatever TLD they choose. Let’s take a look. 👁️‍🗨️

Send AR tokens to ANS names with ArConnect Beta

ANS domains are now supported as address proxies in the new ArConnect Beta release. Easily see which account you're using, and send AR tokens to human-readable usersnames like!

ANS x Handshake integration coming soon

We are thrilled to announce that Arweave Name Services (ANS), is set to integrate with Handshake (HNS), the leading decentralized, permissionless naming protocol compatible with Domain Name System (DNS).

If you own your ANS name, you also own its counterpart on Handshake, creating a more robust, censorship-resistant, and decentralized internet for all.

When it goes live, ANS users will be able to resolve the A Name records set in the ANS dashboard with a .arweaver address powered by Handshake. This means the Fingertip Chrome extension, gateway, HDNS, and Handshake light clients all will support ANS website resolution.

Let's build a more robust web together!

The Open Name Service Framework

Building ANS meant creating a whole new asset standard based on EXM, and everPay to make it so domains can be bought with any token supported by everPay. Why not just open source this as a way to make protocol or dApp-specific names? That's exactly what we're doing with the Open Name Service Framework (ONSF).

Any dApp on any chain supported by can spin up their own username system and take advantage of EXM's super easy integrations.

Interested in using this open source framework for your protocol or dApp? Shoot us a DM on Twitter.

Introducing PASoM (Portable Arweave Social Metdata)

PASoM is a flexible and composable contract layer designed to store and display essential social metadata such as bios, profile pictures, and cover images, with the security and decentralization of Arweave.

The implementation of PASoM in dApps not streamlines UX but also unlocks new possibilities for Web3 social platforms. With PASoM, developers can easily integrate rich social profiles into their dApps and inherit existing user profiles to cut down on the time it takes for a new user to onboard.

As a way to manage social metadata across various platforms, PASoM enables users to maintain a consistent online identity, simplifying the process of switching between different dApps and ensuring that their social information is readily available.

The ANS launch in review

It's now been just over one month since the whitelist mint of ANS names went live. Here's a quick review of the metrics so far:

And we're working on further integrations to add even more utility to your ANS domains.

New ANS resolution endpoints: how to integrate ANS

Adding ANS names to your dApp is super easy with our resolution API and endpoints. Either host it yourself or use ours to look up the primary ANS domain of an Arweave address, and look up the address of a given domain.

Resolve either an Arweave address to an ANS, or vice verse:

/resolve/vZY2XY1RD9HIfWi8ift-1_DnHLDadZMWrufSh-_rKF0 (Arweave address)

/resolve/darwin (ANS name)

Lock on to the signal for further transmissions.

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