update #15: STAMPs, RSS3, ETHLisbon

Development at is accelerating, so this is a pretty big update. 🗿

Ark Protocol data is getting richer, enabling dApps to customize UX and users to attest to their identity on even more chains and protocols. Alongside Ark, is always being upgraded to reflect everything Ark can aggregate -- read on for the details.


Images uploaded using Arweave’s new atomic asset standard, STAMPs, now display in the collectibles gallery for ANS holders on

Not only that, we’ve added a new tab that contains a feed of every asset that user has stamped.

Being able to mint NFTs directly to Arweave and show them on your profile gives functionality similar to a web3 Instagram.

Claim an ANS name at ETHLisbon

Darwin and Pierre from the team will be at ETHLisbon. Find them, claim the ANS POAP, and reserve your domain to join the 562 lucky holders.

Fun fact: this QR code → POAP → ANS domain flow is built on top of Ark Protocol.

If you're curious how it works, there’s a full thread explanation here on Twitter.

RSS3 data fully integrated with Ark

The Ark API and oracle now returns the full breadth of user profile and activity data exposed by RSS3:

  • Social metadata from RSS3 (username, bio)

  • Social metadata from Crossbell (personas)

  • Ethereum transaction history

RSS3 is an Ethereum-based platform for identity and social activity aggregator, powering tools like Crossbell, xLog, and their own UI.

Two weeks left to claim the $11,000 hackathon prizes

Participants in the hackathon have just 2 weeks to submit their final forks of and be in the running for their share of the prize pool.

There’s still more than enough time to join and hack on the UI using the data Ark and the weave-aggregator returns about Arweave and EVM users, so join the Discord and say hi in the #hackathon channel.

Discoverability for the permaweb: weave-aggregator 0.4.0

The weave-aggregator is a library and API apps can use to pull in feeds of activity from different Arweave protocols.

The latest version library brings the total tracked protocol count up to 11, including Lens, Mirror, ANS, permacast, Pianity and more.

If you need Arweave dApp data for your own app, check out the repo. Arweave projects are also welcome to get in touch or submit a PR to be added.

Ark Protocol upgrades

Our team recently rewrote the Arweave side of Ark, switching out vanilla SmartWeave for the newer, faster EXM. EXM is the only technology that powers blockchain-based serverless functions. It was built by the team behind Verto and Community Labs.

On the NEAR side of Ark, we’ve been making optimizations to improve speed and reduce gas costs. Ark will power DAO tooling on Arweave, NEAR and EVM chains when the UI is released in line with our roadmap. and permacast integrate ANS

ANS names are seeing wider adoption in the Arweave ecosystem. First, ViewBlock and, now and permacast. You can now input an ANS username in the field used to transfer atomic assets:

Permacast uses ANS metadata for user profiles and logged-in state in the new beta V2 UI:

The text adventure heads underwater

While we’re building the core product, our art team is running a text adventure on Twitter based on the lore. This week, the explorers dive deeper into the oceans of Yowunas Maias to meet the mysterious whale king.

Play along -- who knows what you’ll find at the end?

On dry land, our art team shared previews of the Yowunas Maias deserts, featuring some particularly strange cacti.

Lens handles added to

Since Ark can now detect a user’s Lens handles, we’ve added them to the identity bar.

Which other IDs would you like to see supported here?

Linagee support in the Ark API and oracle

The Linagee .og domains -- based on the very first Ethereum name registry from 2015 -- are now returned by Ark if they have been wrapped into ERC-721 format.


Follow along with us as we build the crosschain social layer for web3 🛸

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