update #20: ANS, Aptos, Ledger

The long-awaited public release of ANS is nearly upon us! Could you be eligible for the whitelist? 🔮 We’ll announce soon when the snapshot has been taken, and also let you know how to get a spot if you didn’t make it.

As well as ANS, we have news of a new batch of chains compatible with EXM and smart contracts, stunning art, and integrations with everPay and Redstone.

ANS mint: sneak preview

The public mint of Arweave Name Service (ANS) identities is just around the corner. Stay tuned in the Discord for information on how to get whitelisted for early minting, and more on the mint event timeline.

Tezos, Fuel, Atpos and Astar signing with

Support for four new chains has been added to the EXM developer tooling library

EXM is a smart contract platform on top of Arweave -- all data is settled back to the blockweave, but EXM’s flexibility allows for off-chain computation and infinite extensibility. At, we use EXM for Ark Protocol and other multichain protocols like

What this means for developers is that smart contracts can be written on in TypeScript on EXM, their data stored on Arweave, and users from almost any chain (all EVM, all Substrate, plus 11 other standards and counting) can interact with it using their native wallets.

The upcoming Ark V3 will feature these chains and a whole host of other improvements to make the identity attestation protocol more flexible.

everPay and Redstone Oracle utilities in

Gearing up for the ANS mint, we decided to open source the tools that will go into it -- everPay to handle cross-chain payments, and the Redstone Oracle for getting the price of AR.

These tools form the perfect stack actually for chain-agnostic NFTs like ANS will be! Since EXM contracts can be interacted with by users on any chain, an EXM NFT standard could be used by any project alongside an oracle like RedStone and payment glue like everPay to allow users to mint anything from anywhere.

Check out the release with both of these utilities here.

New art: Land, and The Eye

The art team has been hard at work this week fleshing out the visual aspects of A Decent Land. Here’s a preview of some gorgeous land artwork they came up with:

On top of that, the team has been expanding the lore around the The Eye.

The Eye itself is a coded deity, driven by a single prophecy:

“A Decent Land will be our home. Home will be A Decent Land.”

It repeats this axiom twelve times a day, with a rhythmic accuracy we use to keep time.

The scarcity of ANS names are coded based on the syllables with which The Eye uses to communicate.

Here’s a first look at The Eye appears:

Ark is now compatible with Ledger, Coinbase, WalletConnect and more

The Ark Protocol V2 UI is now compatible with Ledger and other common wallet types thanks to an integration with RainbowKit.

Lock on to the signal for further transmissions. Ār. Vix. Zūr

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