update #16: the ark engines get a tune-up

With preparations now in place for ETH Lisbon (come meet us!), we turned our focus this week towards improving user and developer experience with tooling. This update also has a few subtle hints of big things to come, if you know where to look. 🔮

API optimizations improve performance by 3x ⚡

The APIs behind and other applications that rely on ANS were overhauled this week to bring load times down to 1-3 seconds - from roughly 10 seconds previously - improving the load time of by at least 300%.

The old ans-testnet API has since been deprecated in favor of

Read more in the docs.

ANS x ETHLisbon POAP - claim an ANS domain in the private beta

The design’s final, the POAP is ready to go -- all that’s left for you is to meet our team at ETH Lisbon and claim it. There’s just 100 editions to go around, each entitling a holder to claim an ANS domain as part of the private beta.

Find us at the DeveloperDAO happy hour on the 29th of October, and the Arweave Demo Day on the 31st to claim!

🎟️ Register for the Arweave events here.

Twitter Space with Huobi Incubator

Last week, appeared alongside everVision and Community Labs to talk about Ark Protocol,, EXM, and how Arweave has evolved to support dApps at every layer of the stack.

🔉 Listen to the recording here

Ark Protocol is coming to Evmos

Support for Evmos -- the EVM compatible app chain for the Cosmos ecosystem -- was added to the Ark backend this week in preparation for a full integration. This will mean Ark Protocol can link your Arweave master identity to your Evmos address and return data about token and NFT holdings on the chain.

The integration is our entry to the Evmos-Covalent #OneMillionWallets Hackathon, which starts on the 7th of November.

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Ark UI rewritten to use EXM, plus other optimizations

One of the biggest challenges for Arweave ecosystem developers is the time it takes for contract interactions to reflect back to the user. In other words, it was slower than you’d expect or tolerate a web3 app to be -- until EXM came along.

EXM is a lightning fast execution layer for Arweave contracts that offers instant finality for users and greater flexibility for the developers. From today, all identity links triggered through use EXM on the backend, and Ark is just the first step. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rewriting all vanilla SmartWeave contracts to use EXM, so expect serious performance improvements very soon.

Improvements to Ark this week include:

  • EXM integration and state migration

  • API performance upgrades (gzipped endpoint, in-browser compression)

  • NEAR oracle gas optimization

Lookup by .ar label in the ANS API

The ANS API is now ready to be integrated into wallets (some big news on that soon maybe 😎)!

Instead of filtering the whole ANS state and searching back to tie a label to an address, developers can now resolve an address just by knowing the .ar label -- /profile/xy

🛠️ Try it out

Watch out for a huge announcement around the social layer soon -- get to know first and be an early adopter in our Discord. 🛸

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