Zen of DAO

Decentralized is better than centralized
Flat is better than hierarchical
Emergence is better than planned
Onchain is better than offchain
Although practicality beats purity

Moloch not multisig
or Moloch and multisig
Permissioned is better than unpermissioned
Exiting should be easy
A token is not needed but a token is fine
Token daos are still better than nothing

Reputation is key
Collectives have power
Users should have voice
Community is First
Go fast alone, go far together

Documentation counts
Explicit is better than implicit
Memes count
Reward initiative
Ask for forgiveness not permission
Now is better than never
Recognize each other
Diversity is a priority
Collaboration is a priority
Direct contribution is better than economic contribution but economic contribution is still great
Moloch demands sacrifice

Education is better than abstraction

Work streams! let’s do more of those
Cores should scale and fraction
Small working groups work!
Bottom up with larger collectives and even larger federations
Multiple treasuries are cool
Ingroups are inevitable but there must be a path for edges to enter cores
Manage equilibrium of ingroup momentum and edge community engagement

Ovoid opportunities to be corrupted

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