Update 2.0

GM friends!
There’s a lot to cover in this blog post; Let’s jump straight in!

Fresh look. Fresh mind.

We refreshed the branding so it feels more coagulated and aligned with our vision. At the beginning of the year, we decided to put Christoph (the artist behind Deskheads) in the driver's seat. Moving forward we're trying our best to create enough compound value for our holders to make it worth the “mint price” while also sticking to our published roadmap. To put it in simple lines, I, Andrei, will be focusing on the software side and Christoph on the art side.

New website here → deskheads.co

Our first software product

We opened the waitlist for Selfbase — a dynamic personal page builder that keeps up with your content. We want this project to reach beyond the web3 space (which it already did by looking at the people who showed interest in the product) and generate enough revenue to keep us invested in the project. Many of you asked how Deskheads holders benefit from this. Well, as we promised holders will have front-row access to the app, and after we enter v.1 of the product, we will drop a limited supply lifetime premium access key.

Join the waitlist here → selfbase.app

$2000 grant for indie-hackers

The ideal outcome would be to support small tools that would benefit the entire space. Something that would make our community proud. If you are a designer make you can make a design system in Figma. Sell it on Gumroad, but give all Deskheads holders free access. If you are a dev, maybe you can make a tool that tracks shady trading activity for newer projects. If you wanna build something but don't have an idea, join the discord and let's brainstorm together!

The grant will open on April 10th (next week on Monday) and you’ll be able to submit your idea in the Workspace!

Levels, Secret Drop, and Community

We are changing the max level to 7. If you Minted&Staked you should already have the max level achieved. As you know, levels are printed in the tokens metadata, which means the level is preserved in case of unstaking or a change in owners. Future perks will still require certain levels to unlock, so if you don't have a max level yet, you might wanna max out your Deskheads to make sure you are able to unlock everything we might put in the Workspace.

As you are aware, the NFT space in general has lost a major % of the engagement over this bear market and Deskheads is no exception. However, our commitment to the initial vision has remained unchanged. We want to deliver the roadmap but to make an impact we need to see who's riding alongside us. This new drop can be seen as a way to filter the inactive holders and create a core community that can help us reach new highs. The supply is 999 but we're open to lowering the number if enough holders agree.

Pilot banner for Twitter
Pilot banner for Twitter

WEB3 WAKEUP Morning Show

Melz and I had this in the works for a while and we’re finally happy to bring you alongside @TaeKwonKrypto our co-host, a recurrent live show on Twitter Spaces. Right now the show is scheduled every Friday morning at 8:30 EST. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for notifications!

If you have any questions, feel free to DM us on Twitter or let’s chat in Discord

Peace & Love,


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