The Aftermath

As many of you know, on May 13th we launched a 999 supply PFP weekend side project inspired by Pepe the Frog — called many pepes. While a few can argue that we missed the hype around the memecoin, Pepe will always represent the internet culture and will live forever in the digital archives of our society.


Well, why the fuck not? We are artists, and we were honestly very surprised & proud of the result. It started as a joke, but then we realized we can actually contribute to the Pepe universe.

All our assets will be made public by the end of the month + we will make a PFP generator using Figma. 

The launch

The initial public mint had a 666 supply (1 NFT = 1 Wallet) and we “sold out” in less than 10h, with no influencers shilling, and no paid posts on a Saturday. Many thanks to the core deskheads holders that helped push the project to everyone in their circle. Unfortunately, the project never saw any traction beyond the free mint window, and the secondary volume at the moment of writing, totals a whopping 0.0746 ETH 😂

The 33%

We reserved 333 supply for Deskheads holders. It felt like the right thing to do because if the project took off, the only people entitled to a piece of that success would have been our holders. So with that in mind we set up a claim perk in our staking platform called “The Workspace” and gave our holders 24h to hit the claim button. 123 people did. We airdropped 123 tokens. Cool.

210 left

So who wants some worthless Pepe PFPs? 😅
No roadmap. No utility. Just art. The old way of NFTs.

Mint window here →     

999 minted. What now?

Enjoy your Pepe or floor it and GTFO!

Much love,
Yours truly,

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