Stake & Level up

The workspace: fun, perks & rewards.

Each 9-5 has an office. A place where we all come together to work, cry, and sometimes have panic attacks. The place where you spend your day wondering what the hell you are doing there. So, our revolution needed something to fight that. A place that redefines what an office means and how fun it can be indeed to gather around a vision, a mission meant to redefine all conventional thinking around work and making money.

Introducing the workspace, a workspace where “work” isn’t about work at all. Where work means having fun and earning really cool rewards. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?!

But…how is that even possible, you may ask?!

Well, we took a spin on a well-known practice in the space – Staking. We call ours, Stake & level up.

Stake and level up UX flow prototype.
Stake and level up UX flow prototype.

On-chain stake & level up mechanism.

So, this is where it all starts. At mint, you will have a choice, either mint or mint & stake. Staking your Deskhead will ensure you access to our Workspace. Our staking mechanism contains a novelty which is; instead of giving you tokens for staking, we are counting the staked time on-chain. This means, your NFT retains its cumulative staking level, even when transferred or unstaked. Let’s get a bit more technical here. Basically, our contract keeps track of Current Stacking Time and Cumulative Staking Time. The current staking time resets every time the NFT is unstaked. The cumulative staking time stays the same. So, if you stake your NFT for 10 days, then unstake and sell it, when the new buyer stakes it, the cumulative staking time will continue counting from 10 days. This way, your NFT never loses its value.

The utility behind your staked NFT is found in the workspace.

The utility for staking your NFT is to be able to claim rewards on the workspace. Each reward will require a different cumulative or current staking level. More valuable perks & rewards will require more cumulative staking, making your NFT more valuable if you decide to sell it instead of claiming.  Our workspace will contain different perks & rewards; anything from web2/we3 software subscriptions, physical products, free merch, NFTs…. We also welcome your suggestions and will make sure to vary and always come up with the coolest perks for you!

Claiming mechanisms UX prototype. The perks visible here are just placeholders!
Claiming mechanisms UX prototype. The perks visible here are just placeholders!

Claiming mechanisms.

There will be 2 ways through which you will be able to claim your perks:

1. FCFS – First come first served

Click to claim. This will mainly be for higher supply drops as well as for some of the higher level drops. After you claim, you will receive all the information regarding your reward. The faster you are, the more chances you have to earn that reward before anyone else!

2. Raffle system

In our raffle system, 1 deskhead = 1 entry (at the requested level). So, the more Deskhead NFTs you have, the more entries you get, meaning the more chances of winning.  Each raffle will be time sensitive with one or several winners picked, depending on the drops!

Our workspace will be closely tied to our studio as well. You will only be able to submit & pitch your ideas if you hold an NFT staked to a certain level. The higher your level, the more you will be able to claim certain benefits such as grant extension for example.

Every bit of our utilities are interlinked. We aim to provide you with a well-rounded and all-encompassing user experience. We want you to have fun and enjoy every bit of the Deskheads world!

The 9-5 revolution starts here and now. We are proud to be leading it by your side!

See you at happy hour 🥂

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