Introducing the Studio.

Deskheads incubator. A studio like no other.

The world is your playground. So, play. Sing. Dance. Create. Live!

We are here to play and get life to pay us for it. We’ve been saying it all along. Now is not the time to program, it is a time to deprogram your mind. Unlearn everything you have been taught. Refit the box. Get rid of it damn it!

We’ve been taught to follow rules, conventions, s T a Y I n s I D e t he B o X. Go to school, go to university, get good grades, get a corporate job, climb the corporate ladder, break the ceiling. But what if I want a life with no ceiling?

That’s what we are here for. We believe the sky is the limit and you are free to reach the heights you aspire to. And so, we are helping you do just that.

You’ve seen our art & read about our utility. But here, we want to zoom in into one of our 3 utility segments: our community-led incubator.

Introducing The studio. A place where we incubate your dreams & passions.

Unlike a traditional incubator, ours act as your playground. A real one. In fact, we like to call it the studio. One where you can create a n y t h i n g you want. Think of it as a stage and you as a performer.

What have you always dreamt of doing and been told no,  because of x y z reason? What are you most passionate about? What passions have you been stripped of growing up because “passion doesn’t pay the bills”?

Passion does pay the bills. Ok, but how?

Our incubator will be fully hosted on our interface. Completely community-led. You will be able to submit your ideas – anything, from song & TV productions to NFT projects, to traditional start-ups, and once again the sky is the limit. The community will vote & decide which projects they want to see us help you bring to life.

The Studio voting UI/UX prototype.
The Studio voting UI/UX prototype.

We aim to provide you with grants and give you exposure to our advice, skills, and resources. You will also be able to recruit a team among the Deskheads community. Our goal is to optimize your building process and maximize your success.

Whatever background, whatever skills, whatever talent or not. We got you. All you need is yourself, your determination, and an idea. Oh and yeah, be able to get the community behind you. Easy peasy.

Let us give you an example:

Say you are an artist who wants to create a pfp collection but don’t have the technical or managerial capabilities to do so. If you launch your collection via our studio, we will take charge of all the development (smart contract, mint website, etc) community (exclusively tap into the Deskheads community) and partnership connections. An end-to-end solution all delivered to your screen step!

Submit ideas flow prototype.
Submit ideas flow prototype.

What are we, humans even here for?

We are certainly not here to spend our lives in survival mode. In a boring 9 to 5 that we hate. We are certainly not here to spend our lives daydreaming about changes but never having the guts to go for it. There is something fundamentally wrong when to play and imagine is seen as childish. When we are deprived of our joy of living. When are told not to follow our heart. We only break free when we let go of the stories we’ve been taught as truth. We only break free when we create our own truth. One that sparks joy in our hearts and in our lives.

So, let’s create it together. Our truth, our revolution.

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