UI/UX Challenge #01

We’re very proud to announce the first design contest powered by Deskheads in collaboration with DesignFeed. Hopefully, this is one of many fun design challenges as we move forward with our vision to support and empower creative freelancers.

What is DesignFeed?

It started a few years ago as an inspirational page for designers across multiple industries and has managed to gather a community with over 250K followers. Their goal is to continue growing the community and bring all of you curated inspiration, resources, jobs and so much more. Deskheads aligns with this vision and we think our partnership will get us closer to achieving that.

What is Deskheads?

We are a web3 native brand, that launched a year ago with the purpose of “leading the 9 to 5 revolution” and pushing the boundaries of what’s achievable in a tight-knit internet community. Same as DesignFeed, our mission is to empower creatives to go after their dream of becoming independent.

UIUX Challenge #1 — $200 Prize

You design. We code.

The first challenge is to create a small app that allows Discord community leaders to sync their announcements for events, raffles, giveaways, and much more. This is a great feature that unfortunately not many people know about, and Discord hasn’t put much thought into making it easily available.

The best timestamp generator at this time is: https://r.3v.fi/discord-timestamps/

It looks outdated and boring, but it gets the job done perfectly. The goal would be to build upon this simple foundation but make it more pleasant & intuitive to use.

The final design has to include all the features presented in the generator mentioned above + all the copy found in this document

Deadline is June 5th.

Submission requirements:

  1. Use Figma or Framer to design.

  2. You can use existing UI Component Libraries (Tailwind, Radix, Chakra, etc)

  3. Submit using this Google Form before June 5th!!!

To enter you must:

  1. Subscribe to DesignFeed Insider by going to https://designfeed.xyz

  2. Follow @design.feed and @deskheads.co pages on Instagram

  3. Have or create a Revolut account to receive the prize.

Revolut is an online financial platform used by over 28 million people globally, that provides banking services, including currency exchange and money transfers. If you don’t have an account you can create one using this invitation link below.

Create your Revolut account → https://revolut.com/

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