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gm deskfrens!

Over the past few weeks, the silence around Deskheads was, for many, very worrying. Due to uncertainty on every level, I took the necessary time to understand the flow and direction of the space. The old way of providing value for holders is no longer viable.

When we started to work on Deskheads, every shitty project was minting out. Almost every second collection had volume and if you kept providing wl spots for holders as "utility" — everyone was happy. Well, that's not the case anymore.

You can no longer excite people with fashion brands, tokens, or staking. The space has matured a lot.

At Deskheads, we don't have the funds to fail. That being said, I strategized and revamped the roadmap so we don't spread ourselves too thin among multiple verticals.

We aim to achieve two things:
1. Become a relevant brand in the web3 space by contributing with usable products and fun experiences.
2. Nourish a vibrant community with people that want to learn, work, or be entertained.

Studio v.0.1

The studio will open in themed batches with a timed window. Picking the theme of the batches allows us to set ourselves up for success by simply following & improving the current trends/meta of the space. You'll be able to submit and vote on ideas/projects as long as the batch window is open. After the window closes, the most voted project/idea will get a special discord category with updates channel, holders chat and team chat.

Studio redesign.
Studio redesign.

Members Directory

Planned from the beginning, this feature jumped on our to-do list again thanks to our discord member, Roozak. The idea is simple, a place where members can easily connect and potentially work together.

Members directory prototype.
Members directory prototype.

WaaS or Workspace as a Service.

This is a proof of concept, but basically, using the lessons we’ve learned while building our proprietary staking feature and dashboard we’ll start to develop a service for other projects to use. This will potentially ensure revenue for the Deskheads team, to keep the lights on.

Whitelabel solution

We've seen NFT projects use products like Whop to provide value for holders like WL spots for upcoming releases. While the product itself is good, the experience lacks brand identity.

Before launching Deskheads, we asked our community what excited them about the project, and the majority said the Workspace -- a modular utility hub with a staking feature that incentivizes them to stake in order to get rewards.

Many projects like Moonbirds or TastyBones have great utility hubs that members love to use. This proves the fact that custom utility platforms are a great way for projects to incentivize holders to delist in order to get points or "nest" in order to level up and unlock rewards.

However, the cost of developing a custom platform is something that many projects simply cannot afford and that's why white label solutions have become pretty popular in the NFT space because you get a fully working product with support, in days not months.

See https://nftnow.com/news/the-goblintown-creators-just-launched-an-nft-marketplace/

Gas-less economy

We came up with a very efficient way to reward holders that unlist via a Points System. Why not token? Well, the answer is pretty simple. We believe that an ERC20 token is too difficult to maintain and inefficient for our specific tasks. Keeping the economy off the blockchain gives us the ability to offer plug-and-play solutions with a lightning-fast experience.


The platform will offer us a good base to add other features along the way like a members directory with job search, a marketplace, or a voting system similar to snapshot.org — making our product the first All-in-One token-gated community platform.

Proof of concept pricing.
Proof of concept pricing.

Idea Validation

Before sinking hours into development we would love to leverage our community to reach out to projects and pitch the idea. This will help us engage with potential clients and tailor experiences that fit the market demand.

Revenue Share

We're constantly looking for ways to provide value for our holders. Due to government regulations, we need to be creative and find workarounds. If you have any ideas join the conversation on Discord. We're open to suggestions.

Treasure Hunt

As some of you know, there is a code to break hidden inside the collection. Once cracked, the code will start an insane Treasure hunt across the web. To make this a crazy experience, we’ve partnered up with Sougen - a Metaverse Builder.

Expect hints by the end of October.

There are a lot of things ahead.
We need your patience and feedback.

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