How to DIY install DiaBox on your iOS Device


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Here you can know more about DiaBox

Sideloading (No Jailbreak): Download IPA file from here and follow the instructions below to sign and install the app from your computer for one week(Need to Repeat This every 7 days )

Known Issues:

1-- It can work with Bubble&Bubble Mini Only with Free Developer Account ,it means you have NO NFC scan feature for I am still working on how to keep NFC after re-signing, this limitation comes from Apple

2--Apple Watch App cannot work any more with this ,the same to Widget

Update on 22/Dec/2021

  • For Paid Developer Account ,you can enable NFC features by creating an explicit App ID, here is how do that :

  • 1-Go to Apple Developer Account Site

    2-Add A New Identifiers for App IDs

3-Select “App“,Continue

4-Register an App ID

Write some descriptions for the App, you can DiaBox or Evil Abbott or anything you want .

For the App ID Prefix Part , you must select Bundle ID as Explicit to make NFC work.

And the Bundle ID format is like this……you can write anything special for apple will check if other people use this ID .

Please Copy this ID , you need to use it sign with Sideloadly later

5--Capabilities Configuration

You need to check :

  • NFC Tag Reading
  • HealthKit
  • App Groups

6-When finished this part ,just save it ,make sure you had checked and enabled NFC and remembered the Bundle ID.

How to Sideload on non-jailbroken devices


  1. A computer running macOS or Windows
  2. Internet connection
  3. Apple ID (email & password), better register a new one for signing DiaBox only


  • Download and install Sideloadly from here.
  • Install it on your PC
  • For Windows, please make sure you have iTunes installed. If you do not, install the non Microsoft Store version from: x64 - x32

Install DiaBox

After you downloaded DiaBox ipa, installed Sideloadly on your PC ,and have a new Apple ID account ,follow the steps below:

1--Connect your iOS device with your PC ;

2--Open Sideloadly, sometimes you need to unlock you iOS device to trust your PC connection;

When your iOS device connected by Sideloadly you can see this pic:

You iOS Device Connected with Sideloadly
You iOS Device Connected with Sideloadly

After that ,you can click the left area in Sideloadly in the pic and add DiaBox ipa:

Add DiaBox ipa to Sideloadly
Add DiaBox ipa to Sideloadly

After you added DiaBox ipa to Sideloadly, it would be like the pic below:

DiaBox ipa added to Sideloadly
DiaBox ipa added to Sideloadly

Now make sure your device is connected to Sideloadly, if yes your Device name will be displayed on iDevice window.

Next, input your Apple ID email address and password, and 2FA verify code ,then click start. After that ,it would install DiaBox on your device.

For Paid Developer Account(Update 22/Dec/2021):

Advanced Options, don’t check Use automatic bundle ID ,and enter the Bundle ID you created in Apple Developer account ,then check Apple ID Sideload Signing .This way you can enjoy the NFC features with a paied developer account .


Please go to

Untrusted Developer?

If you have saw DiaBox on your iOS device ,you need to do one more step to make it run :

Go to Settings-General-VPN&Device Management, found the Developer APP, click and trust it. Then you can enjoy

If you have any questions, pls contact : or

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