Dinara Welcomes Vouch to its Partner Network
Announcing our partnership with Vouch, the leading insurer for crypto startups

We’re excited to share more about our partnership with Vouch, one of our Dinara Connect launch partners. Vouch provides effective and affordable insurance solutions for founders in crypto. While traditional insurance policies broadly exclude or price out crypto, Vouch’s underwriting approach has been designed with crypto, DAOs, NFTs, smart contract vulnerabilities, and more in mind.

Dinara will offer Vouch clients preferred pricing and early product access to help remove the friction and cost often associated with finding a banking services partner. Dinara's secure, fully integrated platform makes it quick and easy to send, receive, convert and manage both crypto assets and fiat currencies, creating a frictionless experience for clients.

Vouch is the leading insurer of crypto startups. With over 4,000 clients, Vouch offers exclusive coverages with crypto enhancements including Directors & Officers with digital asset regulatory defense and Cyber that includes smart contract vulnerabilities. It’s a critical component of a crypto startup’s operating system, protecting both the founders and the company.

“We’ve brought to market the insurance I wish I had as a founder – policies enhanced to protect against the unique risks crypto founders face,” said Jared Klee, Director of Web3 at Vouch. “We have a vested interest in helping our clients build strong operating systems that effectively manage risk. We sleep better when we know our clients are using Dinara.”

In partnership with Vouch, Dinara is working to support those already building with Vouch to safely and seamlessly manage their financial operations, and help new companies and projects access Vouch’s market leading business insurance solutions for crypto teams. We believe that by partnering with institutional solutions, crypto startups can focus more time and effort building innovative products that help bring crypto fulfill its potential.

“Bringing together a network of institutional partners is not only great for our customers, as it helps them get access to the services they need to operate and scale efficiently, but also for the crypto industry at large,” said Laurence Latimer, co-founder and CEO at Dinara. “Every business needs insurance, and Vouch is a partner that understands when, why, and how to underwrite teams in the crypto economy.”

Web3 startups and founders interested in learning more about Vouch's Web3 Protection Policy and exploring if they qualify can visit vouch.us/web3.

To learn more about Dinara’s crypto banking services, please visit www.dinara.com or reach out to sales@dinara.com. Read more here.

About Vouch

Vouch is a US-based provider of business insurance to thousands of high-growth companies that has raised $160 million from top-tier Silicon Valley institutions and investors including Redpoint Ventures, Y Combinator, Silicon Valley Bank, Ribbit Capital and Index Ventures. Since its inception in 2018, the company has empowered clients to get risk management right through niche expertise, a proprietary approach to pricing and underwriting, fast, digital-first procurement and coverages that scale as the company grows.

As 'The Insurance of Tech', Vouch believes it's their responsibility to deliver effective and affordable insurance solutions to innovators in emerging categories. These entrepreneurs are making huge bets on the future, and it's Vouch's job to insure away the risks that are incidental to their vision. Today that means launching protection for Web3. Tomorrow, it could be Climate, or Space. Wherever the next generation of founders goes, Vouch will be there to protect them.

More information on Vouch can be found at https://www.vouch.us.

Vouch Insurance Services, LLC (NPN # 19039391) and Vouch Specialty Insurance Services, LLC (NPN # 19926463) are licensed in the states in which they conduct business. Detailed license information is available at https://www.vouch.us/licenses.

About Dinara

Dinara makes business banking services for crypto companies simple, secure, and seamless. With Dinara, crypto startups and VCs can streamline their financial operations across the organization – from custody and trading to treasury management, payments, and reporting. Dinara provides one integrated solution where teams can hold or transact with crypto and fiat, all on a regulatory compliant platform.

Together with its partners, Dinara is bringing institutional services to those building in the crypto economy. Dinara is backed by top-tier crypto investors, including Archetype, Castle Island, North Island Ventures, and B Capital. To learn more, visit www.dinara.com.

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