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More artists than ever are getting a slice of music’s recorded revenue pie. The problem is those are some awfully small slices. While many are rightfully focused on the redistribution of this pie, we believe it needs to get larger. Much larger. Value must be brought back to music.

There are 3 major limitations with music’s current infrastructure:

  1. Platform algorithms are built with the goal of negative-action-avoidance. They don’t want you closing the app. Skips are avoided at all costs.
  2. Platforms detach song from artist. You rarely interact with the artist in their world.
  3. A single pricing-tier. If you stream 500 hours of music this month, or only 1, you’ll pay the same amount: $9.99.

These limitations have contributed to music feeling disposable. It has detached value from music. The goal of streaming platforms is not for you to fall in love with the artist, it’s for you to not fall of the app.

If web2’s goal is one million monthly listeners who barely know your name, web3’s promise is one thousand true fans who build alongside you. While this promise is real, the experience for fans must improve for music to fully realize it.

At Dopr, we are building the platform, tools, and community that unlock this future. Our mission is to bring value to music.

What is Dopr?

Dopr is a suite of music discovery and modeling tools that shed light on the most compelling artists and releases across the web3 ecosystem. We help collectors find the music that means the most to them; whether that’s as a fan, investor, or both. Utilizing advanced models based on our neuroscience research on music-preference-formation, Dopr provides music and music NFT predictive analytics today, and fandom-based recommendation for listeners in the future.

Dopr is the music collector’s home for discovery and valuation in web3. Find music NFTs from any platform, understand their value, and track your collections.

Dopr makes music collecting easy.

All Releases in One Place

Dopr provides a feed of drops from across the mNFT ecosystem. No matter the platform or marketplace, you won’t miss a drop from the artists you care about. As per the Dopr Music NFT Resource Directory, there are over 280 web3 music platforms and growing fast. Keeping up with each platform’s release schedule, details, and value proposition is daunting. Dopr’s discovery feed provides details and categorization on each collection to make it simple to sift through upcoming and past releases.

Some attributes in Dopr’s feed include:

  • Utility Type
  • Utility Description
  • Genre
  • Network
  • Payment Method

Collectors can Watch a Collection, Add to Calendar, Mint/Buy on applicable platforms, or dig deeper into Dopr’s analytics.

Predictive Analytics

By leveraging findings from our founders’ ongoing music neuroscience research program, Dopr forecasts the future performance of music, artists, and mNFTs at scale. Music is different than other digital assets. There is a wealth of off-chain data about artists and songs, including the audio itself, that inform future performance. By using both on- and off-chain data, Dopr’s patented, neuro-powered predictive analytics enable price discovery based on more than self-referential transaction data, hype, or speculation.

Some of Dopr’s analytics include:

  • Stream & Royalty Forecasts
  • Historical Performance Data
  • Recoupment Calculator
  • ROI Calculator
  • Tokenized Reports
  • Breakout Artists

Track and Monitor

Track all of your mNFTs, monitor their performance over time, and receive actionable alerts as market conditions change. You can follow artists, platforms, and projects to make sure you never miss a drop. Scooping that prized drop shouldn’t require so much hustle and effort.

Find Your Fandom

We are developing recommendation systems that build deep connection and affinity; focusing on music to fall in love with, even if that music might be surprising at first. In fact, our neuroscience research shows that familiarity and surprise are key to music enjoyment, and the first listen rarely leads to peak enjoyment. We are building the future of music recommendation alongside a growing supply of on-chain data that more accurately captures fandom.

What’s Next and Where You Come In

Our focus is on the growth of web3 music and music’s value at large. Dopr’s platform, tools, and resources are all aimed at reducing the barrier to entry for the next 100 million collectors. We believe Dopr can become the central hub for music collectors in web3.

Dopr Discovery launches this Summer. This is our v1 discovery feed and following tools that help collectors navigate releases from across the web3 ecosystem.

Dopr Premium launches this Fall, giving Collector Pass holders full advantage of the insights generated from our suite of predictive analytics, portfolio tracking, and more. Collector Passes will be made available through our Genesis NFT sale — more details coming soon.

Music Collectors Guild

In addition to discovery and valuation tools, we believe cultivating a rich community of music lovers and collectors is key to growing music’s value. We think of this community as the Music Collectors’ Guild, where collectors go for insights and to learn about the best platforms, different use cases, coolest drops, and most exciting new artists.

As we become the leading community of music collectors, we will engage with players within and outside the web3 space to provide insights, giveaways, pre-sales, and unprecedented access to our members.

Dopr community members will receive early, no-cost access to Dopr Discovery, as well as chats with the best platforms, collectors, and creators in the space, music NFT trend and market reports, drop recommendations, giveaways, and much more. Early participation and contributions come in various forms, based on your interests, and can lead to additional rewards.

Everyone from first-time to seasoned collectors are invited to be a member, contributor, and leader of the Dopr community. Together, let’s learn ‘How to Music NFT’.

Join our community of music lovers, investors, and supporters to bring value back to music.

Join Dopr

Dopr is making music NFT collecting easy.

We’ve done this because we unequivocally believe that fans and collectors are just as important to web3 music as the creators and platforms. Without them, NFTs will just sit on the blockchain, and the future we envision will never materialize.

If you’re a music fan or collector who believes in our mission to create the best version of music’s future, please join us!

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