NOGS: A nounish currency


LP Crowdfunding:

Communities allowlist: doc

LP Crowdfunding is exclusively reserved to members of the Nouniverse.

Check the allowlist above to see if you are eligible.

(allowlist snapshot: April 2, 18:00 UTC)


20% of the NOGS supply will be distributed to Party participants based on their contributions.

100% of ETH contributions + another 20% of NOGS will be added to the liquidity pool after its creation.


  • OG Boost

Users that participate in the LP Party will also get a forever Boost for the Activity Rewards of their NFTs.

An OG badge will be directly associated to your NOGS dashboard and will allow you to accelerate the farm of the Activity Reward of your nounish NFTs.

The exact boost will depend on users’ contribution:

0.01 ETH → 5%

0.1 ETH → 15%

0.5 ETH → 35%

1 ETH → 50%

5+ ETH → 80%

To better understand how NOGS is integrated into the Nouniverse and how Holding and Activity rewards work, check this doc.

  • Liquidity Rewards

All the rewards earned from the LP will stay in the Party and will be used by NNS Labs and the ecosystem to drive NOGS adoption.

This can include listing on exchanges, new developments by NNS Labs to provide more utility around NOGS, strategic partnerships, NOGS integrations by other projects and so on.*


We are incredibly excited to share this important chapter of NOGS with you all.

Let’s push boundaries of nounish proliferation. Let’s have fun.

Let’s make $NOGS truly great! ⌐◨-◨


*Proposals from the ecosystem have to be aligned with the long term goals of NOGS and it’s important that proposers are verifiable and with a proven track record.

NNS Labs reserves the right to exercise its veto power if these requirements are not satisfied.

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