A gamified way to buy and sell NFTs

Sellers can earn more ETH, and buyers can spend less ETH!

This is NOT a roadmap, we have launched the official product: Capsule Machine


There is not enough liquidity for blue-chip NFTs. The floor price of those "blue chip" is too high for regular NFT collectors. Hence, the accessibility of "blue chip" is diminishing.

As a result, regular NFT collectors changed their preference from high-quality NFT to NFT with a low floor price. And so the vicious cycle begins.

Solution - A new way to buy and sell NFTs

Making an NFT project accessible to every NFT collector is essential. Moreover, increasing the liquidity for blue-chip NFTs also helps maintain the value of the NFT.

To solve the liquidity problem, we created a new way to buy and sell NFTs, Capsule Machine. Capsule Machine is a gamified NFT trading service. It is 100% on-chain, governed by a smart contract; it generates randomized results using Chainlink VRF to provide 100% transparency and fairness to both buyers and sellers.

We want to achieve the following goals

  1. Drive liquidity to high-quality NFT projects instead of projects with just cheap floor price

  2. Adding randomness to increase the return of selling and lower the entry barrier

  3. 100% fair and transparent to both buyers and sellers

How it works

Capsule Machine

Capsule Machine is a lottery-based NFT selling smart contracts. Sellers can set up their Capsule Machine with the desired odds of winning; buyers can try their luck with as low as 1/1000 of the floor price to win the NFT.

Capsule Machine allows NFT holders to host a lottery game using their NFTs to create potentially unlimited income. And it will give buyers a chance to buy the valuable NFT for just 1/1000 of the floor price.

For example, a holder wants to sell the BAYC.

  1. Sell it at the floor price, which is 80ETH

  2. Or, set up a Capsule Machine with the odds of winning equal to 1/1500 and the price per trail equals to 0.08 ETH.

In the first case, the holder can receive 80ETH

In the second case, the holder can theoretically receive 120ETH. Of course, holder may receive more/less ETH by chance.

Guaranteed Capsule Machines (GCM)

Guaranteed Capsule Machines (GCM) works similarly to Capsule Machines, but it will guarantee a winner.

To set up a GCM, NFT holders need to divide their NFT into many tickets, and each ticket will be sold for a tiny amount of ETH within a limited time. One winner will be drawn from all buyers when the time is up or having all tickets sold.

A lucky winner can purchase the valuable NFT at a meager price, while a smart contract on the blockchain will govern the whole process. At the same time, the buyer can collect more ETH than just selling on Opensea!

For example, a holder wants to sell the BAYC.

  1. Sell it at the floor price, which is 80ETH

  2. Or, set up a Guaranteed Capsule Machine, divide the NFT into 1500 tickets, and sell each ticket for 0.08 ETH and receive 120ETH

Service fee

Doubleweb3 will charge 2.5% of the income from seller as the service fee, the income from Capsule Machines will be used to buy back Grassroot pass (NFT issued by Doubleweb3).

Also there will be a capsule machine hosted by Doubleweb3, co-owned by all Grassroot pass holders, if you want to know more about Grassroot pass, please go to this our website to know more:

The Doubleweb3 ecosystem

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