Introducing Dragonia Trainers

The lands of Dragonia are inhabited by elemental Trainers, fractured by an ongoing war for power and conquest. Harness the power of the elements and Dragons to defeat all those that stand in your way.

Trainers not only look stylish, but they will also play a key role in the Dragonia ecosystem.

How exactly you may ask? Just keep on reading.

Mint Details

First things first! We have changed our total supply and mint to the following:

  • Supply: 6000 Trainers
  • Mint price: 0.02 ETH

We are also reserving 6 honorary Trainers for team members and notable figures in the space. With 24 Trainers reserved for the Team and giveaways, this means that the total available supply for whitelist and public minting is 5970 Trainers.


Much like Dragons, Trainers in Dragonia can be one of 3 different elements: Fire, Water and Earth. Trainers give you a +1 Level buff for their respective element when you play a Dragon card.

Example: Alice has a Fire Trainer and plays a Level 8 Fire Dragon. The +1 Level buff is added, upgrading the Dragon’s Level from 8 to 9.

Additionally, Trainers have 3 different rarities: Dragonborn, Legendary and Basic.

Dragonborn, Legendary and Basic Trainers.
Dragonborn, Legendary and Basic Trainers.


  • Spawn rate: 3%
  • Counts as 2 Trainers for rewards


  • Spawn rate: 33%


  • Spawn rate: 64%



Rewards will be distributed to Trainers after fees are collected via ETH, OP, NFTs, whitelists and other rewards.

Access to Ecosystem

Having a Trainer grants holders access to all other games, products and features added to the Dragonia ecosystem.


Trainer holders will be able to vote on Dragonia proposals and polls through governance. Each Trainer counts.

And more!

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