Dreams Never Die raises 2.5M Seed Funding from Polychain Capital

We’re happy to formally announce that we’ve raised 2.5M of seed funding from Polychain Capital. 🤝

Who are we?

We are Dreams Never Die, a community of lifelong music lovers reshaping the way a music company can work, with the mission of creating a more sustainable model for artists and contributors, as well as an oasis for avid music fans and discoverers.

Learn more about our story.

Why do we need funding?

We’re using capital to develop and scale artists (across web3 and web2), build our NFT Membership project, compensate our contributors, foster our community, expand our team, and further explore applications of blockchain-based technologies in music.

Why Polychain?

We’re aligned with Polychain in using forward-thinking tech to solve problems and disrupt industries. Like we do with artists, they place early bets in blockchain and crypto, consistently proving to be ahead of the curve

Learn more about Polychain here.

Can I Participate?

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Contact us directly: contact@dreamsneverdie.xyz

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